Day 13 – Favorite Non-Player Character

I actually had to think about that one, when I first saw the prompt list, I stared at it trying to figure who I will pick for this day. After much consideration I decide to go for my favorite coach which is Ukai Keishin

Before coaching Karasuno, Ukai never had coaching experience. Yes his grand-father was Karasuno former coach, but it doesn’t mean Keishin can also do it. So coaching Karasuno was is first coaching experience, even if in the beginning he didn’t want to, cause he knew the reason was the adviser of the club, Takeda, only wanted him cause he was the former coach grand-son. However, thankfully, he change his mind ( for a really childish reason) when he knew Karasuno would be having a practice match with Nekoma. When he the club practice, he was blow away. Even if he never coach, he know how to play, he was the setter of the club eight years ago, thus he know what the boy need to do if they wanna win.

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