Now that I introduced you to the group, I can give you more than three song that I like performed by them.

Gonna start by giving two honorable mention. First goes to “Hurt”, the track can be found on “The Return” album released in 2012.

The second honorable mention goes to “Missing U” that can be found on their “Wedding” album released in 2002

Now time to throw at up my ten favorite Shinhwa song, if you read the Spotlight on Shinhwa, you should already know the 3 songs that gonna take the 3 top position but before

10th Position

“Once in a Life Time”, the song was release in 2006 on the group 8th album “State of Art”

9th Position

“On the Road” released in 2012 on “The Return”

8th Position

“Angel” from the album “Brand New” was released in 2004, I have to say that while the song itself is at the 8th position, this is one of the best MV Shinhwa as since it’s a mini drama

7th Position

“Crazy” is an other song that can be found on the 7th album “Brand New” released in 2004

6th Position

“Wild Eyes” was include in their 4th Album “Hey, Come On!” released in 2001

We are now entering the top 5

5th Position

“Memory” was the first single coming from their 12th Album released in 2015 “We”

4th Position

“Destiny of Love” include in the repackage of “Volume 9” released in 2008

Now excuse me, I have to wipe away some tear before going into the top 3… really feel the need to explain you the meaning behind this song and music video. The song was pretty much a gift from the member to their fan before the take a four years hiatus while the members were doing their mandatory military service. The footage use for the MV are coming from their last concert before their hiatus.

Now my top 3 song, as I said those you read my Spotlight post on the group already know them, for the other

3rd Position

“This Love” coming from “The Classic” released in 2013

2nd Position

“Venus” release in 2012, the song can be found on “The Return”

and last but not least

1st Position

“Brand New” released in 2004 on the album of the same name


This was my top ten of Shinhwa song, hope you enjoyed it.

If you are a fan let me know your favorite song in the comment section below

See you next Friday!!

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