After doing a first spotlight on my favorite male group, now time to introduce you to my favorite girl group APink. I have to say it’s almost surprising for me to tell you APink is my favorite girl group, since I don’t tend to like cute stuff. APink is known for their cute and innocent concept, I have to say I’m always happy to see them coming back after saying all the other group opting for the sexy concept.

From left to right: EunJi, NaEun, HaYoung, BoMi, ChoRong and NamJoo

The group is relatively young, sign under Plan A Entertainment they debut in 2011 as a seven-members girl group but in 2013 one of the girl, Hong YooKyung,  left the group to concentrate on her studies. Now the group promote as a six members which are Park ChoRong, Yoon BoMi, Jung EunJi, Son NaEun, Kim NamJoo and Oh HaYoung.

The group debut with the EP “Seven Spring of APink” which include the lead single “Mollayo” (I Don’t Know), then followed the same years their second EP “Snow Pink” with “My My” as lead single. In May 2012 the group released their first studio album “Une Année” with “Hush” as title track. This album was followed 14 months later by 3rd mini-album of the group “Secret Garden” which includeD the single “NoNoNo”. In 2014, APink came back with their 4th and 5th EP, first “Pink Blossom” in March and “Pink Luv” in November. Then in 2015 the group released the second studio album “Pink Memory” and the next year “Pink Revolution”. In June 2017 the group released their 6th EP “Pink Up” with “Five” as lead title.

The group as not only a pretty solid career in their homeland with a lot of top charting song, but also in Japan with two studio album. In 2016 the song “Brand New Day” that can be found on the group 2nd Japanese album “Pink Doll” was used as opening for the anime Rilu Rilu Fairilu.

The group fanclub name is Pink Panda and the color is of course Pink.

One of the cutest lightstick ever

Now time to share with you my favorite song from the group

“NoNoNo” (2013)

“Mr. Chu” (2014)

“Five” (2017)


APink is one of the few girl group I will tolerate the “aegyo” never being a great fan of that type of concept, but APink still manage to make me like them, with their catchy song.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

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