Day 21 – Character Who Underwent the Most Development

Soon as I saw that prompt only one name pop in my head: Tsukishima

In the first and the most of the second season, he didn’t really care about practicing. He saw what happen with his older brother, Akiteru, whom was practicing a lot, but all those hours of practice didn’t pay off. Thus for Tsukki there was no point to practice if the effort are not rewarded. He even witness his best friend practice and practice even if the latter knew he might never become of the starter. So why practicing?

Then he got that “special training” where he played match with his brother, there was that one guy who was really annoying and I feel like he kind of bother our Salty King a little bit, after those match Tsukki began to change to become The Clever Blocker we see in the 3rd Season. Tsukishima was the real MVP of that game, if it wasn’t of him and his abilities to read the game, Karasuno would have much more difficulty to win, who know maybe they would have even lost their match.

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