People who read my blog know I don’t tend to post a lot about females characters of anime and manga, I do have a post about my top favorite female character, but I never wrote a post about one character and this is what I’m about to do with this post.

**Attention, this post contain spoilers**

I could have written that first post featuring about any character female character , but one of the latest chapter of the manga series Gangsta. made me really want to write a post about one of the secondary character; Loretta Cristiano Amodio. Why her when there is character like Alex Bendetto who are really stronger than she appear and is the lead female character? Simply cause of the position she have in the series despite her age.

Daddy’s Little Sunflower

If we doesn’t know much about Loretta’s mother except the fact she died when the future head of the Cristiano Family was really young, panel coming from the manga might suggest she was still an infant, she maybe even died even she gave birth to her daughter; we know a little bit more about her father, Luca Cristiano, who was the former head of the Family. From some information given in the spin-off series Gansta. Cursed: EP Marco Adriano, we can see Luca actually care about the Twilights, his Family is one of their protector, the bar/brothel «Bastard» is one of the few place (if not the only) where they can feel save. When the Destroyer came before Loretta birth we can feel Luca is actually worrying about what is happening to the Twilights. We know something else about him, he loved his wife and adored his daughter. He was the happiest man a live when the little Loretta was around. If you want a good example of how Luca was with his daughter, just think of Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist. Mr. Cristiano always made sure his daughter will never missed of nothing. The only thing he couldn’t predict, is the fact he wouldn’t be there to see his precious daughter growing up and become a woman. The circumstance of Mr. Cristiano death are not shown or written in the manga, we only know he died before the series main event, Loretta seems to be around 12 or 13, the only scene we see related to his death is a panel of his funeral where Loretta his supported by Marco. Even if we only get a glimpse of how Luca was with is daughter, we can say Loretta was daddy’s little girl.

Not a Fragile Flower

Pretty sure if her father was still around during the main event of Gangsta., Loretta wouldn’t be the strong young woman we know, he would probably kept her in a golden toward guard by half the Paulkee Guild. The death of her father throw her in the adult world, a world where mistake are not forgiven. When her father passed away, Loretta became the head of the Cristiano Family, one of the four families controlling the city of Ergastulum, in other words she is the «Godfather» of the Family and is in charge to distribute the “Celebrer” the drug the Twilight need to survive. Not only they are drug dealer, but the Family also own a brothel, Miss Cristiano have nothing of a young and innocent 14 years old girl, she also always have a gun with her for her protection when Marco or Galahad are not around. Being the head of a mafia family is not an easy task and it’s even more difficult when you have to deal with the Corsica Family whose hatred for the Twilights know no end. More than once Loretta headbutt with the head of the Corsica family, Uranos Corsica, both clearly have a different point of view on everything related to the Twilights and she is not letting herself getting intimidated by the old man, this is why she need to have someone as level-headed as Marco Adriano around her.


Cold-Hearted, Frozen Flower

Loretta always been surrounded by people she could trust, since before the death of her father. She always been close to them, even more after she became the head of the Family. But no matter how she can trust someone, if she have to take a decision that might end one of her subordinate/right-hand life, she will take it, the Family and her responsibilities as the head of the Family pass before everything else, if she have to lift the protection of former member of the Family, she will to it. No matter how much she care about Marco, no matter how much he was important to her, when he decide to quite the Family, when he decide to resign from his position as the Cristiano Family right-hand, he also lost his immunity. It was a hard decision to make, but as the Family head, she had to take it, Marco is not part of the Cristiano family anymore, he can be disposed of, the member of the Paulkee Guild can get their revenge (to know why please read Marco Adriano post here).


Loretta is one of my favorite female character from the series Gangsta. and one of my favorite female character all series together. She might be only 14, but she doesn’t live the life of a teenage girl. Of course there is moment where she act like her age, but most of the time she run the Family like her father would like her to do. I’m sure, not matter where he is, Luca Cristiano is proud of his little girl.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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