Day 27 – Favorite Quote

Some great motivational quote are said all through the series, but instead I decide to go with what Hinata said to Ushijima

That little beansprout literally defied the most powerful player among high-school volleyball player on. his. own. ground. It’s like a chihuahua still the toys of a doberman in his backyard…

4 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! 30 Days Challenge – Day 27

  1. Yeah! That was one of the best quotes the whole anime/manga.
    But I also like,” Humans don’t have wings, so they always look for ways to fly” a lot!

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    1. I was debating between the two, I ended up going with the “concrete” one cause it have the double meaning. It’s also mean that even if you doesn’t come from a amazing background if you have the will you can do what you want.

      Thank you for reading

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