Day 30 – Why do you like Haikyuu!!

There is a lot of reason why I enjoyed the series. First the cast, the character are all great. The main cast and most of the supportive character have all a little somthing that make them likable.

Then you have the production, when it come to sport anime Production I.G normally always deliver. Sure there is some exception, but i thing they made a great job with Haikyuu!!.

Lastly the team spirit, my favorite sport anime is Kuroko no Basuke, but if there is something lacking in this series is how the spotlight is on the two same character, Kuroko and Kagami. It is also true for the other predominant character like the Generation of Miracle, they are overshadowing their teammates, but it’s not the case with Haikyuu!! No matter the team, the member have their shining moment. Just look at Ennoshita who took Daichi place after the latter got injured during a match, yes it was only for a short moment, but Ennoshita still did a great job on the court.

This is the main reason why I really enjoyed the series


This was the last day of the Haikyuu!! 30 Days Challenge, hope you had know, cause I know I enjoyed doing it.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

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