I have to say October was the month of discovery, I don’t normally look too much into new group, but one released their 3rd mini-album this one and they quite surprised me.

This group is SF9, they are signed under FNC Entertainment. I will not go too much in detail but they debuted last year. As I said in the intro they released their 3rd EP “Knight of the Sun”, during the month of October on the 12th to be more precise. The lead title of the album is a track with a really catchy chorus.

“O Sole Mio”

I can listen to it all day…

Other group I discover is Rainz, the group was created with the survival show “Produced 101”. I wasn’t really looking forward for their debut, since the first thing I thought when I saw their name was Rain the veteran soloist, but now that I listen to their debut song, I was pleasantly surprised


Fun music video, fun track, I like that.

That last group I discover also debuted this month on the 10th. TRCNG (you don’t wanna what it stand for) are signed under TS Entertainment and I have to say their debut kind of reminds me of B.A.P debut. Their debut track is interesting, have that powerful feel some track with a heavy rap section have.


The next group doesn’t really need introduction, at least for those who are part of the K-Pop universe since a while, for the other you just have to know they were once known under the name of BEAST (or B2ST), but thankfully they decide to leave CUBE Entertainment. Now they are known under the name of HIGHLIGHT and they had their comeback on the 16th

“Can Be Better”

It’s a fun song, with a really funny music video and Yoseob (the platinum blonde with glasses) will forever look like a toddler to me.

Strangely the former agency of HIGHLIGHT, when they were known as BEAST also schedule the comeback of on of their boy group on the 16th, BTOB. The seven-member boy group came back with their 2nd LP “Brother Act.”

“Missing You”

Not gonna lie, coming back with a ballad as lead title it’s not always the best thing to do, unless you have an incredible vocal line like BtoB.

The next artist on my list for my favorite October release is someone who is also part of a group, but decide to make a solo comeback with his second studio album “Move” on the 12th, Taemin.

I follow SHINee, the group Taemin is part of since a while, and seeing Taemin, growing up and becoming the artist he is now is a real pleasure.

The last group that gain my attention during October is a group I was really looking forward to her their new song since the moment they announced in on Twitter and it’s not a K-Pop group, Epik High dropped their 9th Studio Album on the 23rd.

Epik High never disappointed me when come to great music.

As you can see, October got a lot of interesting comeback and debut, looking forward what November had to offer.
Question…do you prefer this format for the monthly release or like the one of September ? Let me know in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for reading~

See you next time !!

4 thoughts on “[K-Friday] October 2017 Release

  1. Oh god, MOVE killed me. Sole Mio is really catchy too.
    What did you think about SuJu’s One More Chance? (Also, Twice’s Likey is catchy lol)
    November 7 is Monsta X comeback YEAS!

    Anyway, ahem, both the formats are great, though I slightly liked this October one better. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have yet listen to them, but I need too since I really like group.

      I have to look up for Monsta X cause I didn’t listened to them yet, not even their debut song πŸ˜…

      Thank you for your input! Gonna stick to this one then πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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