English Title: My Hero Academia, Season 2
Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Super Power
Aired Date: April 2017 – September 2017
Episode Count: 25


At UA Academy, not even a violent attack can disrupt their most prestigious event: the school sports festival. Renowned across Japan, this festival is an opportunity for aspiring heroes to showcase their abilities, both to the public and potential recruiters.

However, the path to glory is never easy, especially for Izuku Midoriya—whose quirk possesses great raw power but is also cripplingly inefficient. Pitted against his talented classmates, such as the fire and ice wielding Shouto Todoroki, Izuku must utilize his sharp wits and master his surroundings to achieve victory and prove to the world his worth

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More than a month after watching the 1st season, I’m finally getting to the end of the 2nd season, thank to the fact I am not working during the night. I was really looking forward watching this 2nd season. I hear a lot about it when it was airing and one of the general comment was this season was better than the first one. Of course, I saw video and GIF in and there, therefore I was really looking forward to it and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

If I had trouble getting into the series with the first four or five episodes episode of the 1st season, here it was the opposite, I had a slight idea of what was coming, but I didn’t expect I would be as nervous as when I was watching Haikyuu!! or Kuroko no Basuke match. Boku no Hero Academia is not the type of series to watch if you have heart problem. I was way to stressed during the whole Tournament Arc, even if I knew the final result. Getting to see Class A in action was a delight and it make me realize even more how strong some of the students outside Class A. I have a soft spot for Hitoshi Shinsou and I personally think he deserve a spot in the Hero Department. I wouldn’t mind seeing him transfer and replace either Aoyama Yuga or Mineta Minoru. What make Boku no Hero Academia a great series is the diversity of character and how they grow through the episode.

This first arc did wonder for some character, mostly Todoroki Shouto who began that it’s not because he inherited his left side from his father that he will become like him, he don’t have to be scare of it. Seeing him release is full potential, even if I’m sure he will grow stronger, during his fight against Midoriya was the first step for making peace with himself. Of course, the way he was treated by his father during his childhood left scare and it will take him time to be completely release from his fear. I really like how they present it. We slowly see the change, yes he used his left side during the Hero Killer/Internship arc, but we can see he is slowly changing. Another character who a think really change during the Sport Festival is Uraraka Ochako, we all know how powerful and good fighter Bakugo Katsuki is, but she still came out with a plan, the plan main have failed, but she didn’t get overwhelmed by Bakugo present, she stayed calm and try to find a way to beat him. The scene when she called her parent crushed my heart. She really did her best and despite her lost, she doesn’t give up. Then came the Hero Killer/Internship arc, while it might not be as interesting as the Sport Festival, this second arc continue to show students from the class A change and become closer of their will of becoming hero, I particularly liked Asui Tsuyu part.

Of course I have to talk about Stain, the Hero Killer, my opinion on him is really similar of the opinion I have of Makashima from Psycho-Pass, I see why he is doing that, I understand but I can’t agree by the way he choose to prove his point. Stain is a villain, a killer (stating the obvious here I know) but he still see the Hero quality in Deku, thus why he save him. He got deceived by people around him, by his classmate, but he never lose faith in All Might, he always saw him as THE Hero, and Deku is pretty much like All Might. At least that’s how I see it. The reason why he is the way he is, it’s because of the people who was surrounding him when he was younger. If he had been surrounded by people who never lost sight the real reason why heroes are hero, he will not have turn that way. Including a villain like Stain in this series was a nice move, from the creator part, Stain is there to remind the student, Modoriya, Todoroki and Ilda, why heroes are hero. The last arc is about their midterm exam which I have to say not easy, but it push them to use what they learn through there first three months. It’s probably the only time where Mineta actually use his head instead of crying, but I still find him annoying and I wish he could just be kick out of the school.

It’s nice to have a great cast, but if the animation and the visual look bad, not matter how good the character are, it will never give them justice. Again the series win a lot of points here, Bones did an amazing job at the animation during the action scene and the visual…I just love it. I really like how they mixed the bold and thin line for the characters and I love the details put in the background and I can’t forget the OST!! I will certainly write a more complete post just about the background music, just don’t when.

Boku no Hero Academia might be seen as an unoriginal Shounen by some, but the way they present the character growing, the way they don’t only focus one character and slowly give information through the 2nd season instead of packing everything in the 1st, make it more interesting. Of course the series probably have flaws other than behind one shounen among all the other, but I found nothing really obvious (maybe I’m just blinded by the fact I really enjoyed the series). I like how present us Midoriya understanding his quick, the way he learn to use it. There is a lot of things to learn from this series, the first one is it’s not because it didn’t work the first time that you have to give up. Keep trying until you succeed.


As You probably guess, I really enjoyed the series and I’m really happy I was finally get round to watch it, I’m really looking forward the next season that will hopefully come soon.

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