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After the artist illustrator of the series, Yamato Yamamoto, took the month of October to work on the cover of the next volume of Seraph of the End, the series is back with a new chapter (62).

Previous Chapter, 61
– Who’s More Bored

©Yamato Yamamoto

Just to refresh your memory, in chapter 61 Yuu and the other fight against the 5th Progenitor Ky Luc to rescue Ferid and Krul. While the succeed to free the 7th Progenitor, Krul was still burning tied on the pole. Knowing he was no match against the group, Ky decide to escape.

Chapter 62
– Unremembered Trauma –

©Yamato Yamamoto

This new chapter is mainly about Yuu and Asuramaru (the demon with who Yuu pass his contract) and we learn some interesting information regarding Yuu past. Some part of the manga was also part of the light novel “Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose, Catastrophe at Sixteen” (If you did read it I highly suggest you to do it since in gave other information concerning the present event), which I really like. The demon sense something coming from Yuu, thus he decide to look further and realize Yuu memories was erased in the past BEFORE he was taken to the orphanage. Asuramaru sees Yuu locked in a cell and some people talk about him as a test subject, however the demon can’t see pass that.

*Theory Time*
As I said Asuramaru discover Yuu memory was erased before he was taken to the Hyukaya orphanage BUT it doesn’t mean the orphanage have nothing to do with it, since the Hyakuya orphanage was part of the Hyakuya sect and the other name for that sect was Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights and you have to now that sect was a magical syndicate as powerful as the Hiiragi clan. Since it was a sect, they had followers, my theory is that Yuu’s parent were part of that sect (pretty sure Mika’s parent were too) that would explain why he was already a test subject before getting to the orphanage. An other possibility is Yuu was created by the powerful syndicate and the who he call parent was only care taker

In this chapter we also see Krul realizing her brother his the demon by Yuu side apparently Mahiru and Krul made an agreement (can’t say it about what, I have the feeling it will be include in the light novel), cause yes Asuramaru was Krul brother when he was a vampire, but he was convinced by the 1st Progenitor to become a demon (why we still don’t know). However Asuramaru doesn’t quite remember her, he feel something but he can’t tell what it is.


Like always the new chapter bring some more information, but doesn’t answer any questions. I have a little idea of what is happening but I can’t get the large picture. I’m looking forward the next chapter, hoping it provide some answer instead of more questions.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

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