I want to apologize to my reader who are following me for that segment, I should have publish this last Friday but I like…forgot. I really totally forgot about it, not only I forgot about the new release post, but the while “K-Friday” segment…I notice I forgot it when I wrote my round-up last week, there wasn’t any “K-Friday” post only the fanfic…I’m really sorry about that.

Now on the main topic, like the other ten months before it, November had its share in group/soloist comeback, I was really looking forward some of them. Let’s see my pick for the month.

The first on my list is, let say it, veteran idol. On the 6th the (once extra-large) boy group Super Junior made their comeback with their 9th studio album, “Play”, and the lead title “Black Suit”.

“Black Suit”

The first time I listen to the song, I wasn’t entirely sure about it, but after listening to the audio only, without the distraction the music video can bring, I really like the song.

On the 7th a group I really missed seeing around made their comeback with their 6th EP “Montage” with the lead title “Shall We Dance”. Block B is a group I’m always looking forward to cause you never know what they will release.

“Shall We Dance”

One again, I wasn’t disappointed, I really enjoyed the song and the music video is interesting, I’m just not sure about U-Kwon hair (purple one).

Next is an other artist, I was looking forward, I discover him through the variety show Immortal Song. Hwang Chiyeul is a soloist with a deep and warm voice. On the 9th, he released a digital single “Rewind”


His voice never fail to make me feel thing, he have the perfect type of voice to sing sorrowful song.

My next pick is a totally biased choice, yes the song is good, but even if it wasn’t he would still have been on here. However I doubt the day where Kim Dongwan, from the legendary group Shinhwa, stop delivering great song will ever come. On the 14th the witty guy from the eternal orange group released his 3rd solo EP “Trace of Emotion” and the lead title “Afterimage”.


Not gonna lie, I was shocked by the music video ending.

Last but not least, the duo Fly to the Sky made their comeback on the 15th with their 2nd EP “Your Season” with the lead title of the same name.

“Your Season”

Their harmony is killing me, they make such a great duo.


This is all for the November released!! Which comeback from November did you enjoy the most and is there any you are looking forward in December? I really hope Infinite will finally have their long-waited comeback.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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