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Drop, Still Watching and Favorite Episode of the Week

Still on the List / Dropped of the List

      • Black Clover
      • Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War
      • The Ancient Magus’ Bride
      • Garo Vanishing Line
      • The Recovery on an MMO Junkie -> Complete
      • Kino Journey -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series
      • Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
      • Dies Irae
      • Taishou Mebiusline Chicchaisan
      • Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

I can’t believe The Recovery of an MMO Junkie is finish, it was way to short BUT on the 15th of December Crunchyroll will air the OVA and I’m totally looking forward to it.

Favorite Episode of the Week

None, I don’t have any favorite episode this week, I really enjoyed all the episode I watched this week.


Hello my dear reader!! Hope you guy all had a great week!!

Mine was okay, pretty much like last week. I would really like to tell you something super incredible, but I was a pretty boring life…

As you should know my now, I’m playing the newest pokemon and I choose the Ultra Sun version. I finally got the water trial and now I’m heading for the fire one located on the Volcano. On my way I was determinate to caught a Salandit female but that damn pokemon have an encounter rate of 11.9% HOWEVER I manage to catch one and I name her Midnight those who can guess why I name her like that win a cookie.

This is all for me

I wish you a nice week

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

3 thoughts on “Mel’s Round-Up Week 62

  1. I don’t know why you named her Midnight, but I like the fact that you name your Pokemon. I haven’t played Pokemon in awhile, but I’m a firm believer that naming them is the way to go.

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