I talked/tweeted about it a while ago, probably after watching the series. I was writing the post about it anime and I give some word about the show soundtrack. However I felt like a mere paragraph in a post is not enough to tell you how much I love the OST, composed by Yuki Hayashi, of the second season of My Hero Academia. I took me time to get to this post, it wasn’t an easy process to pick only ten songs, but I manage to do it. Now time to give you my impression about it.

I always loved OST as I said in the post I wrote about the soundtrack of the anime series Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitas, the music heard through a series bring an other dimension to the scene, a sad scene in a movie will always feel more sad if the background sound is a sorrowful track the same thing apply to anime series.

*Just a little note before starting, I’m far from being professional when it come to talk about music, I always try the tell you my impression about a song the best as I can. I do have some really basic knowledge, like I do know the different section of an orchestra which become handy when we talk about a OST which include an orchestra like My Hero Academia*

All along the post, I will refer to what will call «hero melody» this melody can be heard in various song played by different instrument and with a different tempo. You can say it’s like a «hero theme». Also I will not list all the episode in which the song can be heard, only one or two.


Now time to listen a really good OST

“Jet Set Run”

One of the first time this song is played, it’s during the final of the Cavalry Battle when Deku face Todoroki (episode 5/18).

This track is the perfect example of how mixing the genre can make an amazing. The song start with the electronic sound followed by the drum and become more intense when the string kick in. It’s in “Jet Set Run” that we hear for one of the first time we hear the «hero melody». I really think the song give a different vibe to the first face off between Deku and Todoroki. To me is symbolize the determination both contestant have, both have something to prove and both what to get to pass to the other stage.

“Weeee Are Fuxking Super Star”

Yes you read the title right and you have to know the censor attempt in the song title is as useless as the censor used when the song play in the anime. I can recall two times this song is used. One at the end of the episode of the Cavalry Battle (episode 5/18) when the score are given and before Bakugo and Todokori battle (episode 12/25).

This song use two type of music. You have the electronic music but the track is also really jazzy and upbeat. I love the trumpet and the sax part on this song. It’s really a fun track to listen, plus it is use the right moment in the series, it’s during the Sport Festival the student  of U.A have the chance to shine the most. It’s their moment, they are the star.


The first time the track can be heard is during the fight between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu (episode 8/21)

This is a warrior song, it’s really fit the battle segment of the Sport Festival. The song have various really good element. The first being the percussion, I will not bet on it but I feel like what we hear are «taiko» a traditional japanese drum, not matter which instrument is used, the percussion make the song more intense. Then the string section come in and just had to the already intense track. That part remind me of the way the song “Minas Tirith“, from the OST of the movie Return of the King, was arranged.

“Koutekishu to Kaite “Tomo” to Yomu”

This is the song that play when Deku figure out how to use his quick ( episode 14/27)

I enjoy this song so much, I like the string section and it really give a hope feeling. I feel good after listening to it and it make me smile. This track also include the «hero melody» which make sense since the track was use at a turning point in Midoriya life.

“Yonaka ni Kiku to Kowai”

It might had played before but the one time I remember hearing it, it was when Shigaraki was walking in the mall thinking about the difference between Stain and him (episode 25/38)

This song is so creepy and totally fit the creepiness of Shigaraki. I was listening to it one night, when I was walking to work at night and I almost got scared. This is the time of background song we would hear in movie like Insidious or The Conjuration, it really give me a haunted house feeling.


Or if you prefer “Bombing King” which is without any surprise Bakugo’s theme. The track is played during the match between Todoroki and Bakugo (episode 12/25), it’s the song that start playing when Kacchan get out from his ice prison.

This is the prefect theme for Bakugo and one of the best theme from the series. The «hero melody» can be heard in it played by the string section. When it start you can tell thing will get serious.

“Jishu Training” (Just Another Hero)

A lot of people say this song is Endeavor‘s theme, but in my opinion it can be all Hero theme, from the student to the pro-hero passing by the former one. It’s the only song with actual lyric. The song can be heard when Endeavor is fighting the Nomu in the episode called “Climax”.

I adore this song and it’s the real reason why this post exist.

“Minagiru Chikara”

You have to know something, looking for this track wasn’t easy since we don’t hear the full song in the episode it play (at least one). This track can partially be heard in during Todoroki/Iida/Midoriya vs Stain (episode 17/30). it slowly began with the percussion and part of the vocal can be heard not look after Iida and Midoriya hit Stain, as I said it’s was really hard to find cause it was cut into piece.

“Endeavor no Chikara”

First want to thank by dear friend Zel from ARCHI-ANIME for giving me a hand with this one, after listening to that OST countless time and re-watching a lot of episode to find other songs, I had some trouble finding this one. But the awesome Zel found it for me so thanks.
Now this track, from the title it can be seen as Endeavor’s theme, it was used in “Shoto Todoroki: Origin” episode (10/23) right after the credit, when Todoroki talk about his quirk and his father. But it can also be All for One theme as heard in the episode 20 (or 33). The track can be hear while All Might talk to Deku concerning All for one.

No matter how wee see it, it’s a heavy theme, a powerful theme, the percussion give it a menacing vibe.


Last but not the least, this is Ingenium‘s theme. It’s the viewers heard when Iida arrive to this hospital where his big brother his at the end of the episode 12 (or 25) and also when he think about the reason why he look-up his brother, why he is his hero during the fight against the Hero Killer (17/30).

It’s a melancholic song, starting with the piano and gradually joined by the string section. The song contain what I call from the beginning of this post the «hero melody». I have to admit the first time I listen to it, it was okay. I really like the song but nothing much than that. But more I was listening to it, more I was feeling the sorrow in the melody and I end-up tearing up once.

My Hero Academia is an amazing series and it’s accompanied by a solid OST, the composer really did a terrific job. The musical arrangement and the instrumentation make everything work perfectly together. You can really found different musical style in it. You have the classical side with the orchestra, something more rock and you can also found more jazzy track. The OST really bring everything together and that’s why I love it.


This conclude this musical post on My Hero Academia second OST. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time

4 thoughts on “Everyone can be a Hero, My Hero Academia OST

  1. Thanks again for the redirect! All of these tracks, uff, CHILLS. Specifically though, “Kibasen,” “Koutekishu to Kaite “Tomo” to Yomu,” “Endeavor no Chikara,” and “Ingenium” are the standout tracks for me. That song featuring Kirishima’s fight–wow, how did I miss out on that one? It’s arguably my favorite here, what with the warrior fight vibes as you described. I’m so happy you shared your own favorite tracks from this epic series (and composer) with us!

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