Hi everyone, welcome to my second OWLS post. For those who are new, OWLS (Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect), is a group of blogger and vlogger who promote the acceptance of everyone without taking in consideration their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation disabilities.

Last month LynLyn from Just Something About LynLyn give us a really interesting topic which was “Diplomacy”. For the month of December she came up with a much lighter prompt:


It’s the season of joy, thankfulness, and love. This month’s topic is “Warmth.” Whether it is spending time with family members during the holiday season or with that special someone during New Year’s, we will discuss moments in anime and pop culture media that convey a feeling of happiness in our hearts. During times of struggles, we look towards the things that matter to us as a source of strength, hope, and happiness. We hope you enjoy this round of posts and that you will have a wonderful holiday season!

If I struggled to find a series that I could relate to “Diplomacy” (I’m saying that even if after writing my post I thought of two other examples), for the December topic I knew right away which series I would use as example. When I think of something that is heartwarming, I think of my friends and my family, I think of family gathering, I think of meeting with friends with who it feel good to be. The series I choose, to help me to portray that feeling, is one of my favorite sport anime, Kuroko no Basuke. There is one special episode that aired after the end of the third season “The Greatest Present” and I gonna use this one single episode to warm everyone’s heart (plus it gave me a really good reason to watch it once again…like if I needed a reason for that)

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But before, since some of you might have not watch the series, I will give you a short summary of the situation.
Kuroko Tetsuya love basket ball, but the poor guy don’t have real talent in fact he have no talent at all, he can’t even score a single points. Not only he doesn’t have any talent as a player, but he also have what people will call a very bland personality, he as no presence at all, no one notice him. However this lack of present actually helped him to get on the main team of his basketball junior high school Teiko despite his lack of basketball abilities. At Teiko, he played with five really talented young men, so talented they were given the name of the Generation of Miracle. Kuroko’s teammates talent bloomed they became so good no other team wanted to play with them anymore. It wasn’t fun, a sport they enjoyed wasn’t fun for them anymore, they were too strong, everything was too easy. Toward the end the only excitement they were getting from the game was the number of points they were scoring, this quickly became a competition between them. Their objective wasn’t to win against the rival team, they knew they would win anyway, their objective was the mark more point than their teammates. Soon their smile disappear and dark heavy clouds took place above their head and Kuroko’s head who witness the event without being able to anything, he saw his teammate stop to believe in team work.
When even he got into his highschool years, Kuroko had one goal, make his former teammates realize team work his important. He wanted to play with them again like when they were in the beginning of their junior high year.

I think you get the situation, during the whole series, dark clouds were floating above the characters head. Even if the season finish on a good note, Kuroko achieving his goal and Seirin winning the Winter cup, even if the relation in between Generation of Miracle and Kuroko is not as cold is was (Kise doesn’t count…he can’t be cold toward Kuroko it’s impossible for him) we cannot say it was like it was back when they were in Teiko, before the Generation of Miracle talent start to bloom, before they get bored.

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The reason why the special episode made me feel good it simply cause after witnessing how the Generation of Miracle came to get bored by a sport the enjoyed, love for some, how they forgot that the basketball was a sport fun to play, and even more fun when play in a team, seeing them smiling again, having fun warmed my heart. The Generation of Miracle and Kuroko had a friendly street basket ball game, a game like when they were playing when they were in Teiko, before the sky get darker above their head. Everything started with Momoi, She wanted to see the boys play together like when they were on the same team, having fun together. If the reunion happened on Januray 31st, it’s because it’s Kuroko’s birthday and the reason why the episode title is “The Greatest Present”, for Kuroko being able to have fun playing basketball with his former teammates mean a lot. They put their rivalry on the side, the boys were smiling while playing, genuine smile, they were really enjoying the moment and this warmed my heart. Aomine smile, after seeing him crying when he lost interest in a sport in which he gave his all, worth so much. Seeing Akashi, back to is real self, smiling and having fun with his former teammates instead of begin the dictator that he was make me happy, no more scary Akashi who threaten to gauge his eyes if his team lose. Seeing them finally happy, playing together after everything that happened. Momoi tear up a little during the episode, seeing the boys happy, having fun together bring her back to the time when they had fun at school. These tears were not tears of sadness, they are tears of “finally thing are back like it was before”.

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An other reason why this episode made me feel good, it because of the birthday party Seirin organized for Kuroko, him who is forgotten most of the year, this party mean a lot and having all this friend around him make him happy. Everyone was there, the whole Seirins team, Nigou include, his former teammate and even Takao and Himuro. During the party, they passed good time, the had fun they laugh.

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This last episode is a happy episode and episode aimed to make the fan of the series feel good after the tension of the season. I don’t know for the other but it worked with me. Seeing the boys smile, made me smile. Those smile are precious and need to be protected.

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This conclude by OWLS post for December, make sure to read Andrea (All Andrealinia) post that was before me and Arria (Fujinsei) on the 18th

~ Thank you for reading ~

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