Japanese Title: Ikemen Sengoku: Toki we Kakeru ga Koi Hajimaranai
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Romance
Aired Date: July 2017 to September 2017
Season: Summer
Episode Count: 12


My name is Sasuke. I was a college student, but one day I fell into a time slip back to the Sengoku Period. What’s more is that this Sengoku Period is nothing like what I learned about in the history books… The much-anticipated anime version of the popular romance game “Ikémen Sengoku”! A high-tension Sengoku comedy interlaced with adorable generals – Crunchyroll

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©TMS Entertainment ©Jinnis Animation Studio

Ikemen is really the right word to use, pretty boy is the only thing you will find in this series, pretty boy and a lot of absurd situation.

©TMS Entertainment ©Jinnis Animation Studio

I wasn’t planning to watch this series, I didn’t even it exist until the first episode was launched. I saw Crunchyroll tweet on my timeline and I kind of got curious, so I decide to look for some information. The one information that pushed me to give it a look was the duration of each episode which is a mere 3 minutes. This is what some call a short anime, while a normal episode will length is around 24 minutes (opening and ending includes) Ikemen is only 1/8 of that time, therefore I could watch it anywhere, anytime. This is the perfect series to binge watch it you are curious about it, since you only need about 40 minutes of you day to get through it.

©TMS Entertainment ©Jinnis Animation Studio

When I decide that I will keep on my summer watch list, mainly due to the fact each episode was really short, thus I really didn’t mind keeping it, I didn’t expect to be as entertained as I was while watching it. Most of the twelves episode of the series gave me a good laugh not cause it’s incredibly funny, but more because it’s incredibly ridiculous, and despite the absurdness of the series it still managed to keep me interested. There was moment where I was wondering what would happen next or more which new stupid idea the will come up with. The show doesn’t to take itself seriously and that probably one of the reason why I enjoy it, even the way the characters were speaking was quite awkward, as awkward as the script. Everything about his title make sure you never forget it’s a comedy and you will never find anything serious about it. The one thing I was always looking forward was the end card. The series is base on a Otome game and some of those end card almost gave me nosebleed. Since I’m really nice, I made a little gallery just for you own pleasure.

©TMS Entertainment ©Jinnis Animation Studio


Ikemen Sengoku: Bromance Across Time is clearly not for everyone, plus it,s a CG series, the character really look like really handsome Mii. Even if I really like this series, I will not recommend it, unless it to someone who like absurd comedy show with pretty boy.

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©TMS Entertainment ©Jinnis animation Studio

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