I can’t clearly remember how I came across Ulala Session, but I wouldn’t be surprise if it was through Immortal Song. I always liked seeing them on the show since we can’t never be sure of which type of performance they will give.

Ulala Session is a Kpop group (*note: I will use the term Kpop here, but I don’t see them as Idol) who won the 3rd edition of the survival show airing on Mnet, Superstar K. The group made their official debut in 2011 with the single “Together With You”

“Together With You”

If the group as discovered on a talent show, the reason why people know about them is, yes they are talented, but also cause of what was happening behind the scene. One of their member, Lim YoonTaek, was fighting cancer. He was their leader and he was so energetic on scene that we could forget he had an advanced stage of cancer. Im YoonTaek, who scene name was Tak, pass away in 2013. I remember when it happened, I was shocked.

Finding a good quality performance from 2012 it’s not easy, but here enjoy the show, Im YoonTaek is the little one wearing the black and red jacket and the sunglasses.


If I tell you that it’s because I want you to keep in mind that both Ulala Sensation (part 1 and 2) the leader was fighting a cancer and his health condition didn’t stop him to fulfill his dream.

“Beautiful Night”

Not long after the death of their leader, the group release a mini-album entitle “Memory” and I have to say I probably cry on every single song of this album, but mainly the lead title “Fertilizer” and “Old Tape (TAQ Remember)”


“Old Tape (TAQ Remember)”

In 2014 the group release their first full-length album “Rejoyce” with “Those Who are Crying Now” and “Best Girl” as lead title

“Those Who are Crying Now”

“Best Girl”

More recently, the group release a new digital single with two new members after that two of the original member (Koonzo (Goon Jo) and Raze (Park Gwang Seon) left the group in 2015.



Ulala Session is one of those group I’m always looking forward when they announce new release or when they are participating to Immortal Song. They can pull-off a lot of different style, thus you never really sure about have they will release. Their late leader Im YoonTaek will forever be a model of courage and determination for me.

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