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Monday – 12/18/17

Tuesday – 12/19/17

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Friday – 12/22/17

Saturday – 12/23/17


Awesome Stuff I Came Across this Week


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Drop, Still Watching and Favorite Episode of the Week

Still on the List / Dropped of the List

      • Black Clover
      • Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War -> complete
      • The Ancient Magus’ Bride
      • Garo Vanishing Line
      • The Recovery on an MMO Junkie -> Complete
      • Kino Journey -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series -> complete
      • Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ -> complete
      • Dies Irae
      • Taishou Mebiusline Chicchaisan
      • Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Favorite Episode of the Week

Ugh an other week where I can’t really choose my favorite episode. There was a lot of final. I really enjoyed Junni Taisen and Code Realize final. While I enjoy most of Kino Journey the last episode fell a bit flat. I enjoyed the sheep part but the nap…I don’t know it look weird for a final episode that may be cause by the fact there is no plot. However if I have to choose, I think I would go once again with The Ancient Magus’ Bride, it was a really good half series episode and I loved the choice of the phoenix. The phoenix is a mythical creature that reborn from his ash when it die. I feel like they choose that mythical anime to portrait the change in Chise mind.


Merry Christmas…eve

Once again sorry for the delay, in fact I’m surprised I manage to post it on Sunday ^_^’ I was quite tired and I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish it.

Technically this week should be my last week of night shift and I only work 3 days thank to the holidays and hew years. I’m curious to see hoe will be my next schedule.

Wish you all a great week.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time

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