I don’t know for you, but I think I had a pretty good year when it come to the amount of series I watched. Each season brought me more title to enjoy, I even watch series I wouldn’t normally watch due to its genre.
Let’s take a look at my favorite series I watched in 2017, season by season.


During this first season, I watched a total of six title, but I would probably highly recommend only three of them.

First, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept, if you are looking for a series full of action, this series is not for you, Acca pace is really slow and it take sometimes before you get what is going on. But once you reach that point thing get does get interesting. Plus I really enjoyed the whole design of the series, how each territories was different from each other, not only the landscape, but the way the citizens were thinking too.

My second recommendation would be The Saga of Tanya the Evil. I read a lot of comment about how it was quite similar to a series that aired the season before, Izetta the Last Witch. While both series have a similar setting, the comparison stop there. One if fighting to protect a country, the other is fighting only for herself, both girl of a complete different goal. Plus I really like how they did parallel with actual event that happened during the WWII.

My last recommendation is for pure fantasy lover, Chain Chronicle: Light of Haeccetias. It’s pure fantasy with dragon, knight, ogre and left. You have mana user and sword fighting. The show is predictable, but still really enjoyable. Plus the OST is totally awesome.

These are my three recommendation for the Winter season 2017.

Next the Spring season, which was probably my weakest since I only watch three show, but only one I truly enjoyed which is the 2nd season of Attack of Titan. I also watch the 2nd season of My Hero Academia, however, I watched it later on in the year, so I will not count it…but I still really recommend it, maybe more than Attack of Titan.

Next Summer, the hot season that brought be really hot guy.

I watch seven titles for the Summer season, and I was able to keep it up with all of them. My three favorite where Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu for the stunning visual and pretty boy despite the lack of decent plot. Saiyuki Reload Blast for the pretty boy and the interesting plot. The one thing I enjoyed about Saiyuki is that you don’t have to watch the previous season to know what is going on. Of course I will eventually watch it. Lastly, probably a surprising choice, Ikemen: Sengoku: Bromance Across Time… and I swear it wasn’t just for the end card. Each episode were maybe only three minutes long, but it was three minutes of laugh and enjoyment.

credit: http://tsurumaaru.tumblr.com/

The Last season, the colorful Fall season, I also watch seven anime, okay eight if we take in consideration one of the Summer season was overlapping on the Fall season.

Fall gives be my biggest and most pleasant surprise, The Recovery of an MMO Junkie, I don’t tend to go for the romantic anime type, I don’t mind romance in a series, but when it’s the main focus, I tend to overlook it. But i didn’t with MMO Junkie and I’m glad cause it’s definitely one of my fave. The main female character is really related, I was myself in her more than once.
The two next series, are still ongoing, once will finish at the end of the Winter Season 2018 and the other….only the studio knows when it will end.

First, the one that will end with the Winter season, The Ancient Magus Bride, which is my top favorite for the fall, I just love everything in it. From the character to the setting, passing by the OST everything is just wonderful.
The other is Garo: Vanishing Line, if you like fight, blood and some “WTF is that” moment, this series is for you. I really like the fight sequences and it got really interesting characters, like a perverted swordsman teddy bear and a kick ass woman.


My Anime 2017 year was an interesting ride, with a lot of great discovery and watch. I’m really looking forward the next Anime year, which include a lot of third season, like My Hero Academia and Attack of Titan, but the one I’m looking the most forward to is definitively Card Captor Sakura: The Clear Card Arc. Card Captor Sakura, was the first series I watched knowing it was an anime, I can’t wait to see it.

Which show were your favorite in 2017? Is there any you looking forward in 2018?
Let me know in the comment below.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time

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    1. haha thanks I probably passed more time on the header than writing the post.
      I haven’t start reading Haikyuu!!, for now the manga I’, closing following for Gangsta., Seraph of the End, High-Rise Invasion, Psycho-Pass and Alice in Murderland…Oh and Detective Conan.

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