It’s been awhile I haven’t post about any Gangsta. chapters. One, the mangaka health is no super stable, therefore it’s normal to not get chapters every month. I’m always happy to see a new chapters out, but I also want Kohske to take care of her health before everything, we can wait. Two, it’s a bit my fault, the chapter are released about a month ago, it’s just that I didn’t bring myself to write about it, prioritizing other posts…Sorry



~ Previous Chapter, 44

Now let’s see what happened in chapter 44 before jumping into the three new one.
In this chapter with learn the reason why Beretta and Striker are back, at least one of the reason, they want to bring back Marco/Spas with them, but the latter doesn’t give a damn about them and want to stay with his fiance Connie. Therefore Marco fight is old teammates. Later in the chapter, Loretta lift the protection on Marco, which mean the Paulkee Guild can do whatever they want with him, like getting revenge for all the Twilight Marco killed when he was part of the Destroyer 15 years ago.

~ Chapters Summery, 45 to 47 (Contain Spoilers)


The three new chapters are the following of the chapter 44 story, plus a little bit of Marco back story, when he was younger, when he was under the name of Spas. It also make mention of the raid the Destroyer did on the orphanage where Delico and his sister, Erika, where. The name of the operation was “Massive Twilight Sampling Operation” in other words its mean they will kidnapped Twilight for some reason ( base on what happen to Erika, I feel like they did tests on  her, she doesn’t seem to be addicted to the Celebrer like a regular Twilight but she doesn’t seem to be like a Super Normal either) and kill other unwanted Twilight in the same times.
Part of what we see in the chapter 45 will also be part, eventually, of the spin-off series Gangsta. Cursed: Marco Adriano EP. The chapter 47 doesn’t end on a really good note, I really doubt Marco, and even Connie survive their injuries. Little note about the Paulkee Guild, some Twilight, like Hausen, were ready to go give a hand to Marco, however, Galahad himself told them to forget about it, due to Marco past actions as Destroyer, Gina will probably never allow any of her men to get involved into that fight.


~ My Thoughts

I already slipped some of them in the chapters summary, but here some more. I really feel like Marco knew no one will come to his help, that’s why he gave the two rings (the couple ring him and Connie where wearing) to Galahad, he knew by going to save Connie, save his reason of living, that would be suicidal, he knew he might not comeback alive, but as long as he is with the one he love, he doesn’t give a damn about it. The few last panel really give the feeling both will die, I don’t want to, but their time is “over” I don’t see why the creator would let them live other than drag the fight between Marco and Beretta/Striker more.
The one thing I like about those chapters, is the back story, mainly the one concerning Luca Christiano, he seemed to be the only head of one of the four Family, to be fair. I mean, we all know what Corsica think of the Twilight, I don’t know why he hate them that much (I feel it’s related to his late wife and daughter), by know we all know Moroe is a bastard traitor (If you are following the manga of course), he never like or even care about the Twilight, in fact if they could all be death he would be happy and Gina she only really care about her own Guild. And then we have Luca who know the importance of the stability within the city, but also want the Twilight to be treated fairly. He is a family man, he loved his wife and adore his daughter. He seemed really friendly, I need more chapter with him.



I’m really wondering what the next chapters will be about, will it show the end of Marco and Connie (read death) or we will have some kind of twist or it will be about Worick who was about to meet Corsica with Miles head in a suitcase. I have to say, while I’m wondering about Marco/Connie end, I’m really curious about Worick intention, he had stated more than once that he didn’t trust the Twilight and he didn’t want to died beside them.
So I’m really looking forward to it.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time

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