The entertainment market is not the easiest path to choose when you are looking for a future job. The competition is fierce and you never know if you will eventually meet with the success. But debuting in country other than the one where you are born is even harder, unless you are Ailee.

Ailee (real name Amy Lee) is born in the U.S land and was even signed under an American label before moving in South Korea where she auditioned for YMC Entertainment, I guess they were really impressed by here cause they recruited her on the spot.

After appearing on the MBC show Singer and Trainee where she finished in 1st position, Ailee began an acting career in the KBS musical drama series Dream High 2.

Ailee singing “Halo” on Singer and Trainee.

In 2012, Ailee made her official debut with her first mini album Invitation with “I Will Show You” as title track, the EP also include the single “Heaven”.

“I Will Show You”


Following Invitation in 2012 Ailee released three EP (A Doll’s House – 2013, Magazine – 2015 and New Empire – 2016) and one studio album (Vivid – 2015)

“U&I” – A Doll’s House

“Don’t Touch Me” – Magazine

“Home” ft Yoon MiraeNew Empire

“Mind Your Own Business” – Vivid

Ailee also release some single which doesn’t appear on any album “Singing Got Better” released in 2014

“Singing Got Better”

Ailee is also known for her breathtaking performance on the korean variety show Singing the Legend: Immortal Song

Here two of my favorites performances


“I Will Always Love You”

After meeting, we can say it, with the success in South Korean, Ailee got here chance to release here first english single on the land where she was born, ever heard of A.Leean? No..well you can click here to listen her first (and only) english single.


Ailee have a powerful voice, she is often dub as the “Korean Beyonce”, while that might have been true when she debuted in 2012, but with time Ailee made a name for herself.

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