Now the season officially kick off and now most of the show premier (if not all) I think it is time for me to give you my first impression of the new title. It’s not gonna include the title from the previous season that are still ongoing, if you want to have my thoughts about them you can still click here.

I have to say I’m quite surprised by myself, this is probably the most eclectic list I had so far. I’m trying new genre, I’m trying out anime I would have not watch if they had come out last year.

Before giving you my impression, you can give a look at what should be the complete watch list, I would make for the Winter 20118 anime season



Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

If there was a title I was looking forward for the Winter season 2018, in fact it would be more accurate to talk about the whole year, I would be this series. I watch the first installment when it aired on the French-Canadian television and I read the manga. Cardcaptor was the first shojo magical girl I really enjoyed. People who know me, knows I’m not a fan of shojo but CCS is something else. Now the first episode aired, I can say that it has everything I was looking for. It’s still have that magical touch, the cherry blossom petal floating in the air it was just beautiful and dreamy. Sakura look a little more mature but didn’t lose her charm and her brother Toya is still handsome as ever, the same apply about Yue. I have to say the scene when Sayoran arrive made me a little weak. I knew it was coming since I read until the chapter 13 of the manga, but still seeing it animated it was just so great, my eyes became a little bit watery and it’s not because of the card.

I’m really please by that first episode and I hope it continue like that. Don’t be surprised if i end-up live twitting about the new episode each week.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

I’m still not too sure about this title, it does remind me a lot of Sword Art Online, but if I liked SAO from the first episode, Death March made me scratch my head a lot. Those who thing Kirito was overpowered, haven’t met Satoo the main character of the present title yet. Gonna give it some episode, but I have a weird feeling about that one.

Devilman Crybaby

This one is a Netflix original and it’s not for the weak heart. The first episode set the tone for the rest of the series. Violence, Blood, Sex and a hot demon that’s what you will find in this show. While I did kind of enjoy what I watched so far, I’m still not totally use by the visual.


Record of the Grancrest War

This one seems to be for the fantasy lover, since it has a lot of the “pure” fantasy element like Knight, Mage and talking cat wearing a cap. I wasn’t totally sure about the first episode that got me a little bit confuse, but then I remembered how I felt when I watch Chain Chronicle: Light of Haeccietias (Winter 2017) and I thought I would give Grancrest its chance.


From the first episode, I can tell you this show my get more complicated than what the synopsis tell you, I didn’t really expect those strange creature and if I had a slight idea about the strange stopping time power. I like the visual, the whole sequence of when the grandfather use his power was really nice to see that CGI effect was great, it will show the difference between the two worlds.

How to Keep a Mummy

If the previous season (Fall 2017) surprised me with The Recovery of an MMO Junkie, this season surprise me with How to Keep a Mummy. If I had recorded myself while watching it,  it would have been a collection of “OOOOHHHH” and “AWWWWWW” long with some giggle, I know the season, the year, just started, but I can already told you this little thing will probably be one of my favorite sidekick/critter character of the year. Mii-kun is just too cute and need to be protected, I’m really looking forward the next episode.

Sanrio Boys

Another cute show, a cute boy with really handsome boy. I don’t expect much from it except maybe a lot of funny situation.

Violet Evergarden

It’s one of the show I was really looking forward, I’m not familiar with the source but I know Kyoto Animation can do some great stuff I just don’t know what to expect from the story, we will see. I already fell in love with the stunning visual. There is a sequence where we follow a paper flying through the air, it’s a one shot sequence and it’s magical. I loved everything that I saw so far.

Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

This is the second season of Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru, we are back at the citadel. The first episode start at the end of December for new year eve and they already introduce new swords. In fact not that new since we saw some of them in the Ufotable series, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu.

Hakumei to Mikochi

Cute fantasy anime about really tiny people living in the wood. This is normally not a show I will look for, but since I subscribed recently to HiDive and the show can be stream on it, I decide to give it a look, I really like the visual art of it. This first episode, presented me a little world with a detailed background and I really nice OST. The song playing while they girls were riding the back of the bird enchanted me.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

I don’t know what to think of this one yet, the first episode give us a clear idea of the setting and the purpose of the character, Hataka is a city where 3% of the citizen are hitmen…great this is a really safe place to live. I quite curious about it and I want to see if that poor innocent boy, who probably never killed fly, will eventually kill someone.

Darling in the Franxx

First mecha anime I’m actually interested to watch. I read a part of Evangelion, I know a little bit about Gundam, but I haven’t watched any mecha series yet. The first episode was interesting, it goes with the shounen genre, you know the type were the main character doesn’t seems to have any real abilities, of course he met a mysterious young woman who tell him that she will help him and this is what happen in Darling first episode after a fight with a weird creature. But I have the feeling it gonna be more than that, since the mysterious young lady is somehow related by blood to the big bad creature attacking the human.


This was my first impression of the Winter 2018 anime season, I’m actually impressed by the length of that list, I really have the feeling I watch more series each season, one thing I can say is that I’m trying to broaden my horizon. if you are curious to know about how that watch list will go, which show will remain until the end and which I will drop, keep a look on the weekly round-up to stay updated.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

4 thoughts on “Mel’s Winter’s 2018 First Impression

    1. Thanks! I like how it turn, gonna try to keep it as template for other similar post.

      Just in case I wasn’t clear, that 1st episode was beyond adorable. I watched it for a 2nd time to get the screen cap and I got the same effect as if it was the first time I was watching it. 😅 I don’t expect big thing from it other than a lot of cuteness and funny moment

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