[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 17.1

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 17.1/20


Aomine’s death one year anniversary


About a month after Kagami was moved in, Kuroko was settling to his new life with someone in his home. Someone he was deeply in love with, someone who was filling the void left by his late boyfriend, Daiki.

The first anniversary of Aomine’s death was drawing closed and Kuroko began to feel a little be gloomy. He was happy, but did he had the right to be happy now?

Kagami noticed to change in Kuroko attitude, he also knew why he was like that, he couldn’t do anything about it. Aomine was Kuroko first love, they should have be able to pass their whole life together, however the wheels of destiny play an awful trick on them. Kagami knew he couldn’t replace his late rival, even if he wanted in wouldn’t do it. Aomine played an important part in the life of both of them. He was the reason why Kuroko and him were together now. Kagami will forever be in debt toward the former ace of the Generation of Miracle and the only way he could pay it back, was to make sure Kuroko was always happy.

The english teacher wondered how he could make sure his lover doesn’t get to gloomy on the day of his late boyfriend death while paying his respect in the same time. He had to find a way to respectfully celebrate the day that change Kuroko’s life forever, but he didn’t want to later to get too depressed more the day was close. He wanted him to smile , because he knew that what Aomine would want.

Kagami made some calls here and there, looking for an answer about what to do brighten Kuroko’s day, but in the end he always knew what he needed to do. Just be there for him and comfort him when needed.

March 30th came and Kuroko didn’t felt like going to work, he wanted to stay in bed under the blanket. Kagami passed his hand in the messy blue hair of his gloomy lover and told him the kid would be sad if he didn’t go to work.

“Just take it easy, make fun thing with them” said Kagami “ I know it would be hard, but I promise you a comforting meal when you will from work, I can even pass to Majin to get you a vanilla shake”

The last thing made Kuroko smile a little bit, he was touched by how caring Kagami was today. The smaller man removed the blanket and slowly get ready to work. Kagami let him know a breakfast will wait for him on the table with a warm cup of coffee. Kuroko thanks him before removing his night-clothes.

Kagami dropped off Kuroko in front of his workplace, before leaving the icy-blue-haired made Kagami promise to be careful on the road, Kagami promised him before taking the direction of the school where he was working.

The whole day, Kagami thought about what he could prepare for dinner, he already had planned to not attend the training and let the assistant-coach doing it , he said it was for personal reason which is wasn’t really far from the truth. He didn’t wanted to let Kuroko alone at home waiting for him. He knew his boyfriend would be back from work around 3pm, if he was attending the basketball practice he wouldn’t be back home before 7pm, which he wanted to avoid.

It’s only after the last period he decide on what to make. He didn’t wanted to make anything to big that why he thought Okonomiyaki would be perfect, it was easy to make. On his way back home, he stopped at the grocery store to buy some ingredient and passed by a Majin Burger to get Kuroko favorite vanilla milkshake before heading home.

“I’m home!!” said Kagami passing the door

Nigou came to greet him following by Kuroko who took his jacket after greeting him a soft kiss on the cheek “welcome back home” softly said Kuroko “you are sure they doesn’t mind you not attend the club practice?” ask the smaller man

“Don’t worry about that, I wanted to be here with you today, I perfectly know which day we are” replied Kagami caressing Kuroko’s cheek


“There is not but, go sit in the living room, while you drink this delicious drink, I will prepare the dinner” said Kagami giving the shake to Kuroko

Kuroko smile seeing the glasses, Kagami did what he said and brought him a vanilla milkshake from Majin Burger, his favorite.

The icy-blue-haired young man decide to listen to his boyfriend and sit in the living room drinking his shake while petting the dog.

After a while, Kagami called him to the dining table, everything was set and the plate was already on the table.

The young couple ate in silence and once they were finish, Kuroko had to convince Kagami to let him help to put everything away and wash the dishes. Once it was done, they sat in the living room and cuddle there until Kuroko was about to fall asleep. Kagami shook him a little telling him they should do to their room. Kuroko agreed and let Kagami carry him to their bed.

Once they were under the blanket, Kuroko rest his head on Kagami chest and thank him to be so comprehensive.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to thanks me, it’s normal for me to spoil you like that on a day like this. And it will be the same next year and the next after, I don’t care, I just want you to be happy.

“Taiga….” Kuroko give a goodnight kiss to his boyfriend and fell asleep not long after in the safety of Kagami’s arm.


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