[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 18

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: 18+
Chapters: 18/20


Let’s the fun begin


The weeks passed and Kagami was getting used to his new life with Kuroko. They were sharing domestic duties, like taking out the trash or doing the laundry, and when the day was over after a good diner they were cuddling on the couch or in the bed. He loved the feeling of sensing Kuroko’s small frame against his body, feeling he never thought he would have one day. Waking-up beside the one you love, was for the tall red-haired the best feeling in the world. Sometimes when he was awake but not quite ready to get out from the bed, he could stare at the icy-blue-haired who was still sleeping beside him. Detailing his face with the tip of his finger, caressing his cheek. There was something else Kagami really like, when his boyfriend was leaving gentle kiss along his jawline. Each time the icy-blue-haired lips were touching his skin a shiver was going through his body. Soon he knew Kuroko would be wanting more than just kiss and cuddle, more than the occasional blow and hand job. While he knew how much Kuroko love all the caressed and attention Kagami was giving him, he knew his lover will ask for more and Kagami wasn’t sure how he should proceed.

Of course he could just let Kuroko take the lead, unlike Kagami the kindergarten teacher have more experience, he already had someone in his life before Kagami. He could just let him take the control, teach Kagami what to do and how to do it, but his manly pride wanted him to surprise his lover and make the first move over their first time having sex. Since he couldn’t ask advises to anyone, even if he could he wouldn’t to say the truth, Kagami decide to look over the internet and see what he could find on the subject.

The middle school teacher was almost surprise by the amount of information he found, not only written post about also video that made him blushed more than once and even gave him the need to masturbate. He didn’t knew if it was good sign, but at least he knew it really didn’t mind seeing two men having sex together, so why not Kuroko and him. Not only he didn’t mind but he was excited about it. He imagined Kuroko and myself doing what he was seeing in the video. He began to wonder how it was to be inside someone, which kind of feeling it would give. From what he was reading and watching it seemed to give a really pleasant feeling.

One information he gain from his online “research” was that he would need lubricant and condom. Lubricant to make everything slide easier and condom cause apparently cleaning was a real pain. He also knew he had to massage the butthole to relax the muscle around it, from the video he saw, the one that made him jerk, he could just use his fingers.

More he was reading about the subject, more he felt ready to pass to that second step with Kuroko. He wanted to hold him tied and make love to him. He wanted to feel their body rubbing against each other. But most of all, he wanted to hear his boyfriend ask for more and scream his name when he will come.

The Golden Week was approaching and Kagami figured it could be the perfect moment to make their first time happen, a whole week to explore each other’s body and learn how to pleasure the other. Kagami decide to not talk about his plan to Kuroko and hope nothing and no one come to screw everything up.

Closer the week was, more nervous Kagami was becoming. A week prior their vacation week, Kagami bought what he think he would need to a drugstore, far from their home. All this was already making him nervous enough, he didn’t want to have weird look or meet someone he knew. When he brought everything home, he try his best to hide what he bought, the last thing he wanted is to his lover to find those thing. Somehow he wanted to make him the surprise. Now that he had everything, the only thing he wished is that no one called to making them pass the week with them. Who knows maybe his own parent could come from the USA and pay him a surprise visit.

The Friday before the Golden Weeks, Kagami finished the club activities earlier than usual, he explain to his student he wanted them to get home soon and rest during their vacation. He knew some of them had thing planned with their parents, but all this was just a reason to get home more early and surprise Kuroko.

When he got home, Kuroko wasn’t home and Kagami got a little disappointed, he decide to wait for him love while preparing the diner. I was tempted to send the icy-blue haired a message, but decide to wait a little bit. The tall english teacher didn’t had to wait long before his boyfriend came back.

Kuroko opened the front door, he knew Kagami was already back from work by the delicious smell that was enveloping the house. After removing his shoes, he walked to the kitchen, where Kagami was already preparing the diner

“Taiga, you are already here?” asked the young man leaving a sweet peck on his boyfriend cheek

“Yes, I let the kid left leave earlier” said Kagami glancing at his boyfriend.

“You should have message me, I would have tell you to come join me with Kise at the basketball court”

“I thought about it, but I decide to wait and make you the surprise…are you surprise”

“Haha of course” laugh Kuroko before sitting at the dining table “What are you preparing? It smell really good in the house, like…bacon?”

“Nothing fancy, carbonara pasta”

“That sound delicious”

“I hope it will be”

“It will be, I know it, it is you who preparing it”

Kuroko stopped talking and watch Kagami cooking. He detailed him from head to toes. His clear blues eyes were looking at every inches of his tall body, he followed the line of his shoulder, large shoulder his eyes stopped at his ass, which were looking more firm through the jean fabric, Kuroko just wanted to grab it.

Kagami was trying to stay concentrate on what he was doing, he knew how traitor carbonara sauce could be by overflowing without warning. However he knew Kuroko was watching him, he could feel the eyes of his lover on his back. He was wondering what the latter was thinking, if only he knew, he would probably have left every he was preparing to burn to bring Kuroko to their bedroom.

The couple quietly eat, Kuroko felt Kagami had something on his mind, but decide to not say a word and wait the red-haired feel like talking. Of course it was a bit bothering him to see his boyfriend silent like that. Maybe he was still over thinking and got worried over nothing important.

After they finished eating, they cleaned the table and the kitchen before sitting in the living room to watch the TV.

Kuroko sat close to Kagami, almost on his lap, he leaned against the side of his boyfriend and close his eyes. He could feel Kagami was nervous as his heartbeat was increasing, but once again he decide to wait for Kagami to speak.

First Kagami clear out his throat and then asked if he planned something for the Golden Week. Since he saw Kise, maybe the two of them prepared something, since themselves didn’t talk about it.

“Kise-kun and I didn’t even talk about it, in fact, even if we had I would have tell you right away. The only one with who I really want to pass my week it’s with you Tai” answered the young man, without looking at his boyfriend, but even without looking at him, he could sense he was relief. He guess Kagami was worried he could have planned something with someone else without talking to him before, which was really silly, but Kagami often tend to think about silly thing. “If you want to pass the week here alone with me, I see no objection” said Kuroko, this time he was looking at Kagami in the eyes, trying to see if is word was calming his boyfriend mind. Looking into the ruby eyes of his lover, he saw a flame dancing, he could tell he was thinking about something and somehow Kuroko starting to get what was going.

Kagami was ready to pass to the next step of their relationship, like him he couldn’t be satisfy with the hand job and the occasional blow job anymore, Kuroko wondered if Kagami knew what to do. The tall red-haired most probably never did it, at least with an other male. “Gonna have to teach him I guess, but first let see if it’s really what he want” thoughts Kuroko waiting for Kagami to make the first move.

The young couple was still sitting on the couch, Kuroko was resting his head on Kagami shoulder while was playing with the fabric of his shirt. He felt Kagami arm’s moving, the tall red-haired passed it around his shoulder and pulled him closer. Kagami left a kiss on his lover forehead and without a word lift his head to kiss him on the lips.

Kuroko felt Kagami tongue passed his lips he did the same. The smaller man felt his boyfriend arm around his waist, the tall red-haired pull a little bit more and Kuroko was now sitting on his laps. The only time they broke the kiss was to take a breathe.

Kagami passed a hand under his lover shirt, caressing the fair and pale skin. He felt Kuroko shivering under his touch. The icy-blue-haired whispered his name to his ear. The red-haired directed his hand higher on Kuroko’s chest and began to play with the nipple that was starting to get slightly hard. He pass his other hand in his lover pants and began to rub the harden sex. Kuroko was whispering his name after each stroke. The milky white skin of his cheek was slowly turning a little bit more red.

Kuroko twisted his body a little bit and passed his arm around Kagami’s neck, pressing his small body against his tall lover body and began to play with the lob of his ear, licking it, biting it, then shift his attention to his lover’s neck and jawline, one of Kagami’s weakness. Each time Kuroko was pressing his lips against the skin of his lover, he could feel the hand on his dick loosing the the grip. The young man knew what to do make Kagami more passive, he knew which button to press, which switch to turn.

This would be the first time and the icy-blue-haired wanted to be sure this experience become magical for both of them. Kuroko wanted to be sure Kagami fully enjoyed the moment.

The smaller man slowly began to change his position, he wanted to stay on his lover laps, but he also wanted to face him. He wanted to feel his large hand caressing the skin of his back, feel his hard cock against his, he wanted to get closer to his boyfriend. Now facing Kagami, Kuroko closed the gap between him and his lover by pressing his small frame against Kagami. The kindergarten teacher passed his arms around his lover’s neck to bring him even more closer. Their lips met once again, their tongues tangled together, while kissing Kuroko was moving his him to provoke more reaction from Kagami.

“Tetsu…” said Kagami breaking their kiss “stop moving like that on top of me, it will become hard to hold back”

“I don’t want you to hold back” whispered Kuroko in Kagami’s ear “I can tell that you, like me, want more”

Kagami looked at Kuroko, his large hands on his lover hips it was true he wanted to go further, that was what he had planned and he also knew that was what Kuroko wanted. But he didn’t want to rush anything. It was his first time, he wanted to savor every moment. He didn’t wanted to lose control of himself, it wasn’t the way he imagine the first time he will have sex with his love.

“You will have more” replied Kagami “but first let’s go to the room, not too sure the living room and the couch it’s the best place for you to teach me how to make you feel really good.”

Kuroko smile “Okay”

The young couple got up from the couch and headed to their room, Kagami carrying Kuroko in his arms.


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