[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 19

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: 18+
Chapters: 19/20


Let’s the fun continue.


Kagami past the door with Kuroko in his arm and put him down on the top of their bed. Kuroko was kneeling on the top in front of him, slowly lifting his lover shirt. Kagami passed his hand in the messy icy-blue hair, that more what he wanted, something more romantic. He lift his arm and finish to remove his shirt himself before bending forward to kiss his boyfriend who had also remove his shirt and was now ready to unbutton Kagami’s pant.

“Tetsu…wait, before you get your mouth full is there anything you want me to do?”

“Don’t worry Tai…I will tell you what to do in the meantime” replied the smaller man with a smile before taking out his lover cock and sucking on it.

It wasn’t the first time Kuroko was giving him a head, however this time he was feeling it more, maybe it was because he knew what will come next, maybe it was because he was feeling more horny than usual, maybe both; one thing was sure, Kagami would not be able to hold back for a long time if Kuroko kept going like this.

Kuroko continue what he was doing for a little longer, pressing his lips on the, now, really hard member, licking the tips, stroking it with one hand playing it the balls with the other. Kagami was ready to explode, he could feel it. His lover was doing his best to hold back a not come.

“Tai, you can come it you want, you don’t have to worry about what will happen next” he said to Kagami before continuing sucking on the dick in front of him.

The icy-blue haired wasn’t sure if what he told to his lover relaxed him, but not long after, Kagami release the semi-translucent and sticky liquid in his mouth. The tall red-haired was quick to apologize. Kuroko laugh and smile, telling Kagami to not worry about that. The smaller man told his boyfriend to finish to undress, while he would to the same. He could feel Kagami a little nervous and repeat he didn’t had to worry about anything. Kagami nodded and sat on the bed once he was fully naked waiting for Kuroko.

Once both was ready, Kuroko was about to lay down on the bed when he stopped. There is something he didn’t thought about, lubricant and condoms. It has been a while since he had sex with someone and he wasn’t sure if what was left was any good.

Like if Kagami knew what Kuroko was thinking, the tall red-haired got up from the bed to talk to his dresser. He reached the last drawer and took out a plastic bag

“I guess that what you were thinking about” he said showing what the back was holding, a tube of lubricant and a box of condom. “ I made some research” he continue “and apparently those thing is a must to have…”

Kuroko didn’t knew if he should be shock by the fact Kagami was more prepared than he thought or laugh about the fact his lover actually took the time to look online for those kind of information. Either way, Kuroko found Kagami even more sweeter and smile

“Yes, Taiga, we will need that” he said “I have to say you quite surprise me here, never thought you would actually look for information” he added with a little laugh

“I don’t like being unprepared” shyly replied Kagami

Kuroko smile and told Kagami to come close to him, which Kagami did leaving what he was holding on the nightable, close enough to be easy to reach when they will need it.

Kuroko ask to Kagami to sit comfortably on the bed. The tall red-hair did has he was told, the back resting against the headbed. Kuroko position himself on top of his lover and took the tube on the nightable.

“If you made some research, you should have a little idea of what you have to do” he said with a teasing smile

“I think yes” slowly replied Kagami, taking the tube from his lover hand before removing the cap.

Kagami pressed on the tube and the slippery substance was covering his fingers. Kuroko lifted a little bit his body to let his lover some room to place his hand on his bottom. “One finger at the time” whispered Kuroko. The icy-blue-haired young man felt a fist finger passing through his butthole which made him arch his back a little bit.

“Tetsu….” ask Kagami worried, ready to remove his finger

“Don’t worry…just move your finger until I tell you to add an other one” replied Kuroko, slowly breathing.

Kagami did what his lover was telling him, he move his finger until Kuroko tell him to add a second one and finally a last one. Kuroko knew only two fingers wouldn’t be enough to stretch him to receive Kagami large dick.

Each time the tall red-haired was moving his finger, his lover was letting out a little moan which was exciting Kagami and soon his cock was hard once again.

Feeling the hardening member under him, Kuroko smile “see, I told you, you had nothing to worry about”

“Yeah….” simply said Kagami kissing his lover

Kuroko told Kagami to continue moving his finger until he tell him to stop, which he did only when he felt he was ready to feel Kagami’s in him.

The smaller man slowly ask his boyfriend to remove his finger before getting off him. Kuroko kneeled on the bed, presenting his ass to his lover “do it slowly, but you just have to push it in” he said. Kagami swallowed his saliva, opened the box of condom and tear on of the little bag. He unrolled the rubber on the full-length of his dick and then he spread a little bit of lubricant on it. Kagami kneeled behind Kuroko and place his cock on the entrance of Kuroko pinky hole. The smaller man was slowly breathing, waiting for his lover to move.

The red-haired slowly pushed his dick inside, following Kuroko breathing, he was harder than he thought, even with the preparation and the lubricant, but once he was completely inside, he felt so good and he was wishing Kuroko was feeling the same. Kagami wait before moving, wait for his lover to tell him.

Kuroko waited a little before giving the green light to Kagami to move. He wanted to let the pain dissipated a little bit, he had the feeling Kagami was bigger than Aomine. Once he felt good enough he ask kagami to start moving.

The tall english teacher gently began to move until Kuroko asked him to go faster and faster. It didn’t took long before Kuroko start to moan, moan Kagami’s name, telling him how good he was feeling, how happy he was with him. Kuroko mind was gradually going blank, the pleasure kagami was giving him was more than enough to make him come, but he try to hold back a little more, at least until he felt Kagami was also closed to come.



The couple changed position more than once and after each time, it began easier for Kagami to enter Kuroko’s body.

The temperature of the room raised, their body became sweaty and a musky smell was filling the air of the room.

Both young men mind was filled with pleasure, the pleasure of sharing a very intimate moment with his significant other.

A long time passed before Kuroko felt Kagami’s cock growing in him “his is on the verge to come” though the young man.

“Tetsu….I.am…” began to say Kagami

“I am too…” cut off Kuroko “let’s come together”

Kagami began to move a little faster, faster he was going bigger is dick was growing and soon both let out a last scream of enjoyed. Kagami semen filled the void at the tip of the condom, while Kuroko was letting it flow on the bedsheet.

Kagami was about to lay down beside his lover when the latter stopped him

“We should go take a bath first, then we will change the bed sheet” he said caressing the red-haired cheek

“You are right”

Kagami was feeling sticky and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to sleep in those dirty sheet that smell like sex.

The couple get out from the bed, Kagami helped Kuroko to get to the bathroom, carrying him in his arm. The smaller man’s hips was a little bit painful, but it was nothing compare of how it might be the next morning.

After feeling refreshed and change the sheet, Kagami message his lover lower back and hips before they get to bed to sleep this time.

The next morning, Kagami woke up first, he let Kuroko sleep and start to prepare their breakfast and give some attention to Nigou. The little dog must have felt alone not being able to sleep in the same room as his master.

Kuroko woke-up when Kagami was back in the room with a tray. His boyfriend had prepared him a good breakfast.

“I thought it would be better for you if you wait a little bit before you get out of the bed”

“Taiga…” Kuroko was touched by all the attention his lover was giving him. It is true he was feeling his hips a little sore, but he thought I could have be able to walk to the dining table. “Thank you” simply replied the young man.

After breakfast, the young couple planned the vacation week and then decide to go take some fresh air.

Kagami was happy about how his first time with Kuroko went, he felt good, he felt complete. This moment will forever be engraved in his memory. Every minutes, every second, every word Kuroko told him, the smell the room had while they were having sex and after. This moment was precious for him, it was the first time he became one with the one he loved for a long time.
Their vacation week passed, they had sex more than once during this week. The couple was living their new life at the fullest. Once the Golden Week was once, once it was time for both of them to go back to work, they really felt like they had passed through an other door and they couldn’t wait to see what life was having in reserved for them, but for now no black cloud was covering their clear blue sky.

They were in love with each other and it was the only thing that mattered.


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