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Kuroko no Basuke Movie: Last Game – Watching the Boys Playing One Last Time

Japanese Title: Gekijouban Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game
English Title: Kuroko’s Basketball the Movie: Last Game
Release Date: March 18th 2017
Running Time: 1h30mins
Studio: Production I.G
Genre: School Shounen, Sport

Promotional Video


©Production I.G

After 75 episodes spread on three seasons, one OVA, two special episodes and some funny “NG-Shuu”, Kuroko and his friends are back one last time for the last arc of the adventure with the Last Game movie (I always loved the fact they were giving out the ending of the movie in the title).The movie cover the special manga, Kuroko’s Basketball – Extra Game, manga written and illustrated by the original creator Fujimaki Tadatoshi. The Extra Game manga was published in Weekly Shounen Jump between December 2014 and March 2016.

© Fujimaki Tadatoshi

Pretty sure that if I’m telling you that I was excited about this movie, you  will  not be  surprised. By now most of you know how much I love the KnB franchise and its characters. The title have an impressive cast with a lot of interesting characters. I got attached to them, I enjoyed seeing their development, change and overcome their struggles. I invested myself emotionally in the series, crying when they were sad and being happy when they were happy, shouting at my laptop to cheer on them.

Oh and before I forget this post is full of spoilerssssss in fact I will save you to watch the movie XD


Pre-Game, Team Warm Up

©Production IG

The movie open on Kagami coming back in Japan when he was in junior high, facing some difficulties while playing basketball, the same kind of difficulties Aomine face during the same period of time. He was coming back from the USA, playing like the American play, he was stronger than his teammate and no one wanted to play with him. We see flashback of when he met Kuroko for the first time, when Kuroko become his shadow, when he met the Generation of Miracle. Then we are in the present with a Kagami and Kuroko a years older now in their second years of high school on their way to the basketball club during one of their day off (I suspect being a Saturday or Sunday). They are meeting we other member of the basketball team to watch a very special game. An American street basketball team, named Jabberwock, was going against Strky, a team composed of college student who were also part of renown high school team like Imayoshi the former captain of Touou, Kasamatsu the former captain of Kaijo and Miyaji the former vice-captain of Shutoku.

If you predicted Strky lost the game, you are totally right, of course they had to lose it if we want our rainbow team playing against the big bad american. Strky didn’t only lose their game, but they were completely crushed by Jabberwock and to add insult to the injury, the american team mocked them calling them monkey, telling them to kill themselves and give-up on playing basketball. This was enough for the Strky coach,  Aida Kagetora (Riko‘s dad) to propose them a revenge game.

As you probably guessed, when Kagetora proposed Jabberwock a revenge game, he already had his dream team in mind. A team formed by people who proved themselves more than once, a team that was once dubbed as the Generation of Miracle, Akashi, Aomine, Kise, Midorima and Murasakibara. Adding to the player who beat them all, Kagami, with his shadow, Kuroko, we get an incredible team. To support the team we have three extra, Hyuuga who is the captain of Seirin, Takao who is  Midorima boyfriend sidekick and Wakamatsu the new captain of Touou. Kagetora will be the head coach, assisted by his lovely daughter Riko, as assistant coach, and Touou manager Momoi. The team name Vorpal Sword (fan of Alice in Wonderland knows what that mean)

©Production IG

Now we had our team, a talented and powerful team. We all know what they are able to do , we saw them in action, but during that time they were going against each other, now they are about to play together as one team. Of course it’s not the first time they had played together, minus Kagami and the three extra, they were all part of the same team when they were in junior high. What make thing different here is, one Kagami is playing with them, another talented player join the already powerful team, two thanks to Kuroko the Generation of Miracle remembered the meaning of playing as a team and not only in a team and the meaning of trusting their teammates. Now we have a better Generation of Miracle and upgraded version, but will this will be enough to beat the all mighty American…

The answer is, obviously, yes (I’m sure it’s a real shock the team who is the focus of the movie is winning we never saw that before) but it wasn’t an easy win, in fact they won by one point (92-91) and this is where the movie (and manga) make the thing right and this is something what we could also see all through the series, the struggles, there weren’t any easy win (excluding the whole Teiko arc of course). We all know how strong the Generation of Miracle, we know about Kagami and Kuroko team play, we know what they all can to and yet they struggled, they didn’t have it easy. The team look “overpowered”, but against a team like Jabberwock who are equally strong (maybe even stronger), they don’t have that much power. Once against they had to fight, to fight against their old self, they had to keep in mind they were playing as a team, as one (you know All is one, One is All, pretty sure it tell you something, if not ask a shrimpy alchemist). They fight as a team and that why they won and that is also why Jabberwock lost. Yes the american team was strong, really strong, but they were also selfish and full of themselves. They came to a point where playing as a team didn’t matter only the result was important, that is also why I didn’t like that, they were reminding me the old Teiko team, the team they didn’t believe in team play.

As I said to get to that score it wasn’t easy, really not easy, for the first time in a very long time the Generation of Miracles was fighting to win the game.

The First Half

©Production IG

The boys really didn’t have it easy, even if Akashi did manage to slide “Remember my order are absolute, we also have the double ace team in the Zone along with Kise, in fact Kise was the first to get in it, which is really cool. Kise Ryouta perfect copy in the zone is just amazing. Akashi even stole Takao role for a moment (which pain our poor boy a little, he will never admitted but I’m sure he felt a little bit cheated).

©Production IG

But they needed more than that, more than an absolute emperor, more than two ace to win against Jabberwock. Cause even if Vorpal Sword seems to do well, they were still dominated by the american team. Until Murasakibara got serious, you know he is serious when he tie his hair. Not only he was serious about the game, but he also really enjoy it, he was smiling while playing, thing I never saw even during the Teiko’s days. Murasakibara awakening, brought some point to Vorpal Sword, the giant purple haired scored enough to annoying the opponent, annoying them enough to make them play like Hanamiya would play…Silver jump to the rim to get the ball in and when he land, he fell pushing Murasakibara, breaking Murasakibara’s arm. It was over for him, it was over but this made Kuroko really angry, probably more than when he played against Kirisaki Daichi during the Winter Cup.

©Production IG

Without their giant center, they had to find something to get pass Jabberwock defense and they had to figure out how to deal with Gold‘s demon-eyes abilities. This abilities work the same way as Akashi emperor-eyes, but if the Vorpal Sword’s captain can only see what is in front of him, Jabberwock’s captain can see the full court. But Akashi being Akashi, he didn’t let Gold have it his way. After a little conversation with himself, the “Bad”Akashi and the “Good” Akashi merge together to give us Super Akashi. Now that Akashi was in control of himself, now that he was making one with his what was allowing him to use the emperor-eyes at his full potential, he knew he could lead his team to the victory and that’s what he did. With this new Super Akashi, Vorpal Sword had a bigger chance to win. Plus with Kuroko determination to pay them back what they did to Murasakibara, thing will just get harder for the American team.

Second Half

©Production IG

The result of the game wasn’t really a surprise, it was written everywhere Vorpal Sword would won against Jabberwock, even Lewis Carroll predicted it. Of course, the studio could have given a different ending to the match, which would have made no sense between you and me. Instead of letting Jabberwock win, they give a different ending to the movie.

BUT before that I have to tell you that even if I normally not really fond of seeing a studio playing around with the story, here I really didn’t mind. The only moment I was a little bit bothered was right after the game. Silver didn’t wanted to acknowledge their lost, he was yelling it was a fluke, asking for a second rematch, however Gold him to shut it up, Vorpal Sword won against them cause the japanese team was stronger. I would have like seeing this in the movie, I would have like seeing Gold acknowledging Vorpal Sword after everything that happened. But we didn’t have that, instead we had a scout requesting for Kagami, so here we have the meaning behind the movie title “Last Game”, this was the last game Kagami would play with Kuroko and the other. Even if Production IG change the ending, they still give us a really nice one. Kuroko knew all along the offer Kagami had and he also knew is friend had accepted it, however he didn’t say anything, they had to concentrate on their match against Jabberwock. It’s only after the game, Kagami tell Seirin, the Generation of Miracle came to know about it because they were…eavesdropping. Akashi even called Kagami a friend…to think he attacked the tall red-haired with scissor the first time they met, they sure came from far.

©Fujimaki Tadatoshi

The movie end on Kuroko and the Seirin team sending off Kagami at the airport. He even have a wild Kagami running in the airport to present his bump one last time to Kuroko…to a tearing up Kuroko, not gonna lie I crying when I saw this scene. It was heartwarming and sad at the same times. Seeing my little babies crying like that…ugh my poor heart.

©Producttion IG

Post-Game Party

©Production IG

We all know what Production IG is able to do and when it come to sport anime they deliver something really nice to watch. The quality of the animation was the same as the anime. They was fluidity in the movement, it look like they were dancing with the ball. The pass, the received, the dribble and the shooting everything was nice and neat. I also like how they give them an older look, they are not first year anymore they are second year, they are toward the middle of their second years of high school. Even if I’m not quite sure about Murasakibara and Midorima hair, I really like the look they give to the other, but it’s not because they look older they are necessarily wiser… the look change but not the personality, which is really good like that. The studio also did a good job with the opposite team, in the manga they do look menacing, but they look even more menacing in the movie. You can feel their strength, and see how bad is their attitude, if you think Haizaki was a bad boy, that’s because you didn’t meet Gold, Haizaki is an angel beside him, even Hanamiya can be somehow likeable compare to Gold, but the total asshole title goes to Silver, the brainless center. I deeply hate the guy, not only cause of have he did to Murasakibara, but cause of his whole persona. He is so arrogant and look down on everyone, plus he doesn’t have any manner. I just hate him, I would put him alone he the plan hoping it crash somewhere.

Overall the movie was just really fun to watch. Of course I said it in the beginning, I’m a fan of the Kuroko no Basuke franchise, my all time favorite character come from this series (He is an idiot, but an idiot that I love) If you enjoyed the series, you will definitive love the movie. It will give you everything the series gave you, some funny moment, some thrilling moment (GET IN IT!!!! lol that sound so wrong) and some heartwarming moment.

This movie was a really nice conclusion to Kuroko’s adventure, a great adventure where you learn the real meaning of determination.


~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

10 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basuke Movie: Last Game – Watching the Boys Playing One Last Time Leave a comment

  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across this blog where the author loves Kuroko no Basket as much as I do. I play basketball as a matter of fact, and I was half inspired to play after I watched Aomine kun’s formless playing 😛
    The character development and the matches not only in last game, but throughout the series were beautiful and had me on edge the whole time. I’ve probably lost count of the number of times I’ve watched all the matches in the Winter Cup (I watched it so much that I remember the subtitles by heart).

    This anime had given rise to a character whom I consider one of my favorite characters of all time – Yes you’re right, it has to be Aomine kun! Akashi kun is also ❤

    Once again, I really am fangirling over this but I’m so happy someone else can share the same passion and nostalgia that I felt after watching KnB 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I enjoyed watching this movie as well. Brings back memories from when I’m watching it alone and being irritated and cryong alone. Lol. But I’m a little disappointed because there’s not much really new tactics for them. I mean, something new. Although I love the team play.

    I found it funny that you’re thinking Takao and Midorima are in a relationship. Hahaha that was something. I don’t really ship two guys. Hehe.

    Thank you for the post! I enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol I know there are not in a real relationship, but I to ship them. From all the pairing KnB can offer. Midorima x Takao ship is the only one that can be undone. They belong together 😂😂 anyway it wasn’t the point of that post 😅
      They didn’t came up with new tactics but they upgraded one. Akashi can use the emperor eye at its full potential, thing he wasn’t able to do before.


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