It’s not secret for anyone (at least I think) I love my cute anime boy, I don’t necessarily watch a series for its males cast, but when there is a few handsome male characters, my eyes are pleased.

It’s been a while since I haven’t most any male crush, this is mostly due to my laziness, now 2017 is behind us, I thought I could give you my favorite male character from 2017 anime series/movie.

Since I have to set myself a limit, I will only chose five characters…only five no more than that I promise, unless you get really curious in the comment., all characters are from series (or movie) that aired in 2017.

Now time to give you some eyes candies

** Note: no particular order **


Niino (ACCA – 13 Inspection Dept.)

I debated between Jean and Niino, but I decide to go with Niino for his loyalty and for being a great friend despite hiding a lot. Niino lost his father at the same moment Jean and Lotta lost their parent, same accident, despite that he decide to continue the work of his fathers instead of just letting everything behind. While he should had grieving the death of his own father, he help Jean to get through the death of his parents.


Todoroki Shouto (My Hero Academia)


It’s not really a surprise to see Todoroki on my list…at least I’m not surprise by my choice. Todoroki is good-looking, intelligent and powerful. Even if he lost the sport festival, it was still his arc, it was his moment to shine and fight his inner demon.

Izuminokami Kanesada (Kastsugeki/ Touken Ranbu)



The captain of the second unit is probably one of the most beautiful character I ever saw. As a sword, he belonged to the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizo. Despite his loyalty to his present master he still miss his former owner.

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (Katsugeki/ Touken Ranbu)

I already wrote a post on him, Kane-san might be my favorite Touken Danshi, but Yamanbagiri is not really far behind. From all the sword he is the one with a background story tha pain me the most. His lack of confidence due to the fact he is a copy just make me want to give him a big hug.


Aomine Daiki (Kuroko no Basuke the Movie: Last Game)

I’m really grateful about the fact the Last Game movie was released in 2017, cause I can add him to the list, my list wouldn’t be complete without him anyway XD




I limited myself to five, but I could have add a lot more to that list, like Genzo from Sayuuki Reload Blast or Sakurai from The Recovery of an MMO Junkie, 2017 had a lot of interesting characters. I’m already looking for the 2018 edition and I swear Aomine will not be on…he shouldn’t since no new series was announced.

Hope you enjoyed my list

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

5 thoughts on “Mel’s Harem 2017 Edition

    1. Wait after the end of the season before watch it… I have a post on Touken Ranbu’s in the work. Gonna be about Hanamaru and Katsugeki but I have to wait the end of the 2nd season of Hanamaru before being able to finish it 😅

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