The last time I talk about a Seraph of the End chapter, was in November 2017 and it was chapter 62, Unremembered Trauma, three months later I’m back with chapter 63 to 65 which is the continuity of what happen when Yuu opened his eyes, after falling unconscious.

Previous Chapters

Chapter 62 – Unremembered Trauma

In the previous chapter, Yuu and Asuramaru had a little talk session, Asuramaru discovered something interesting about Yuu past and memory, the latter had a big part of his memory erased and the demon can see what happened pass a certain point and that point goes back before Yuu was taken to the Hyakuya orphanage.

New Chapters 

Chapter 63 – Proof of Being Human
Chapter 64 – The Name of an Angel
Chapter 65 – Not Human

Since the three chapters follow all the same line of the story, which is Yuu and friend, I will not talk about the chapters separately.

In the beginning of chapter 63, Yuu wake up in some kind of water tank after falling unconscious after his fight against Ky Luc his heart stopped and Guren had to give him some drug to revive him. They are now in  Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, in the basement of Ichinose mansion. Mika is obviously not super-duper happy about the turn of event, in fact since the beginning is he against the idea of using Yuu demon AND angel side BUT Yuu being himself he want to help Guren as much as he want.
After going out of the water tank and getting his uniform on, Yuu and Mika walk out of the basement and met with Guren outside. The duo follow him into an other building where an Angel is kept since eight years, each mean since the catastrophe, the Angel is the sixth trumpeter and it is summoning the horsemen. Yuu reacted to the Angel and get closer to him. Mika try to stop him but Guren tell Mika to stop and try to think about his own pass, the key about the one pulling the string might be trap in his memory. Guren mention Saito who was/is the second progenitor, according to Ferid and him Saito is the one behind all this mess. Ferid also mentioned something about the name “Mikaela”, he said he used to be called like that when he was human and it was Saito who gave him this name.
While Guren ask to Mika to think about his past, Yuu try to make the Angel understand that he is there to save him, but the Angel say Yuu is broken and have to die. After Yuu cut the chain that was keeping the Angel in check, the latter flew away and Yuu followed it. The Angel tell Yuu that he not human, but Yuu is not a demon or an angel either, he is something forbidden and he need to be destroyed.
During this time, Yuu try to convince Asuramaru to let the his Angel, the second trumpet, to take over, but Asuramaru is not really inclined to let it go.
After realizing the Sixth trumpeter is also cursed by a demon, Yuu tell Kimizuki to go ask Guren the drug they gave him to keep the Angel inside him in check, if this work, not only they could calm the angel, but also save Mirai, Kimizuki little sister, and free her.

After Thoughts

Now I don’t really have any new theories, I’m more curious about who is the Sixth Trumpet, I have the feeling it might be someone Yuu and Mika knows from the orphanage, it just they never mention that person so far. Again the chapter doesn’t answer any question, but doesn’t really bring more question, for once.


Again the latest chapter, 65, finish on a cliffhanger and I really don’t know what you happen next, will the next chapters will finish with the whole Sixth Trumpet or they will give us some Krul and Ky on their road trip? Both I would be happy, even of if I’m far more curious about the whole angel thing.

What do you think will happen in the next chapters? Any theories you want to share?  Let me know in the comment below.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

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