Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree
Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea
And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming – “Love is in the Air (1977) performed by John Paul Young, written by George Young and Johannes Vandenberg

A few weeks ago I had an idea, the kind of idea that is not really surprising for me to have. The idea was to make a collaboration post with Zel from ARCHI-ANIME and Irina from I drink and watch anime, the topic would be OTP, this collaboration quickly turn into a quasi challenge post.

The idea is the three of us choose a series and from that series two pairings are chosen. Once the pairing are chosen we attributed them to the other member of the collaboration. All this seems confusion so let me give you example without telling you the pairing. This need to be a surprise for everyone.

I decide to go with Haikyuu!!, I could have go with Kuroko’s Basketball BUT Zel and I had a lot of discussion about the different pairing in the show, even about the rare one, I chose two unusual pairing, I gave one to Zel to talk about and on to Irina, who with those pairing, they have to say how they feel about it…thing are probably clearer now right?

Now that you know what the post is about let’s jump in the main topic, the pairing I was given

Irina pick Bungou Stray Dogs as series and Irina being Irina, she decide I had to talk about a really really unusual pairing, so rare there is nothing existing about them, Ranpo x Mori of course since she is nice she wished me good luck.

Before writing this post, I looked up for fanarts, fanfic and doujinshi and I found nothing, not even a little piece of art or content (it’s probably why she told be good luck…she knew what she was doing). Since I found just a big void, I had to sit and read about both characters and I came to the conclusion this pairing would probably not work. Not only cause of their difference in character but cause of the reason why the Armed Detective Agency exist. The agency was created by Fukuzawa for Ranpo to have a safe place to use his skill and between you and me Mori is everything than a safe person and we all know how well both organization feel toward each other. Even if we take the possibility both will work under the same roof, it will still not work since according to Fukuzawa, Mori have a liking for young girl…lolicon maybe.

So what is my verdict about this pairing, how to I feel about it? I feel nothing, about it and I’m not even curious to see how it will work, but I don’t hate it either for the same reason. Both character are quite different, with a different set of mind. Unless Ranpo is willing to dress like a little princess and call Mori daddy, I don’t see how this could work. This verdict can still change if I ever find some fanart, fanfic or doujinshi that could prove me wrong.

Now Zel, which pairing did Zel gave me?

Zel choose Free! as series and she decide I should talk about Makoto x Kisumi, she probably gave me that one cause of the pairing I gave her…

I‘m not totally stranger to MakoKisu pairing , I already looked up some fanart before this post idea was even born, so I’m not completely lost when come to that pairing even if it’s not my favorite when it come to Makoto. I did read some fanfic to get more into the couple and see how thing could work between the two. Kisume has a easy-going personality that would make just appear Makoto cuter, I’m pretty sure the pink-haired would gently tease our innocent orca just to see him blush. This couple could definitely work, the fluff level will reach new high.
The verdict? I kind of like that pairing, it’s different from the usual couple we see but not out of place either. I actually quite enjoy the few fic I read, now if only I couple find more decent doujinshi than the one I already know I would be happy.


This was my take on the pairing Irina and zel gave me, don’t forget to give a look at Irina and Zel post if you want to know which Haikyuu!! pairing I gave them.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

16 thoughts on “Do They Really Belong Together?

  1. Man that Makoto sure gets around….

    I disagree I think Ranpo and Mori would work extremely well although not very healthily together.

    This was so much fun – great work Mel.
    Can’t wait to see Zel’s post.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. well you see Mori being a man of pure logic he will have a huge appreciation for Ranpo’s powers of deduction and we know he has no problem with childish behavior. And Ranpo would have someone who would be willing to provide him with puzzles to his heart’s content and wouldn’t limit him with silly things like laws or morals…

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    1. lolol I don’t know if you read Irina’s post before but it’s you didn’t you guess right XD for the pairing I gave to Irina, I gave a different one to Zel.

      Kisumi and Makoto are two characters from Free! if you haven’t watch it, it’s normal you don’t know them,

      Regarding the Bungou ship, Irina gave some good point in her comment, this could work only if the two would work for the same organization, as it is, I doubt it work,


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