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Blogger Appreciation Award…I Should Learn to Appreciate Myself More Maybe

I really had to think a lot about this award, the sweet Irina even message me on Twitter telling me that if I didn’t feel comfortable (that show you how sweet she is) I could just skip it.I told her that I will do it, I just need time to think about what I would.

Most of the award I received so far were either questions to answer or blogging advises to give, this time it’s different, I have to challenge myself to write this one award…but first need to write down the rule of this award right ?

The Rulesss

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site (easy)

First thank you Irina for tagging me, this is something I always have hard time to do, I will also thanks
Raistlin (cause Irina said so) for tagging Irina, since she tagged me…that’s a lot of tag. I never had the chance to talk to him, but I read his comment more than once on other blog and he really seem like a great guy.

  • Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself. (extra mega hard)
  • Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish (easy).
  • Use the award image (easy)

Like I said above this is a challenge to me since I never really stopped myself to think about it, not cause I never wanted to think about it but because I lack of confidence and my self-esteem is a little bit high as the lowest point of the Mariana Trench. I come from a family where self-appreciation is not something we do often, in fact more of the compliments hide some negativity or bitterness. It’s the same at my current workplace “hey you did a good job today” is not part of the current vocabulary. I working on myself a lot, but it’s easier said than done.

So when I saw Irina tagged me for this, I took the opportunity to work on that and see if I could find something positive to say about myself, plus if I do Iri will pay me a drink (my motivation is the drink no wonder we get along)

I‘m not someone who can sell myself, you know in job interview when they ask you why they should take you instead of someone else, I always struggle to answer and always end-up saying the same thing, I’m reliable, always on time, learn fast and adaptable myself easily, but this is my selling speech, while it’s good and positive quality for an employee, it’s not something I will scream on the top of the roof.

Therefore I thought a little bit more…

And I figure that one positive thing about me it’s probably my wide knowledge. I might don’t know everything about anything, but I’m always willing to learn random stuff and fact. My interest field doesn’t stop at anime and manga. My library doesn’t only have novel, it hold a lot of random book on mythology, freemason, Templar, lost civilisation and even serial killer of course I have some geography and probably some book about ghost and other supernatural shit book among all that. I always hated school but I can pass time in front of my screen looking at random historical or science facts just cause my brain is like a sponge and it need that to stay alive. I love learning new stuff. Of course I don’t always remember everything on spot, but if you talk about it, it might ringΒ some bells. This might not make me intelligent, but it make me knowledgeable and I think I’m proud of that. Not a lot of people can say the name of the last Templar Great Master, how he died and why he died when the question is asked.

I know I’m supposed to write only one paragraph, but since it’s not something I do often, I thought I could write another one if I found something to right…which I did

I‘m proud to say I’m pretty open minded, I don’t judge people on their gender, sexuality, origin or religion but on their actions and that’s how I will remember them. People can live their life the way they want until they do something bad.

Maybe there is other positive thing about me, but it’s the only two thing I could think of, maybe you dear reader you can show me the little plum leave I have on my back (wonder how many of you will get the reference XD)

Now I guess it’s time to tag right

Naja – I know here since a little bit more than a year and she always been so supportive
Zoe – She is a sweet and young woman who deserve to be appreciate by all of us
Taku – He is one of the sweetest guy I know and he is probably still shocked by my age XD
Kat – This gonna give the occasion to the new mommy to think about herself



Once again thank you Irina for tagging me, it was quite challenging, but a nice challenge, now you owe me a drink ;p

~ Thank you for reading ~

28 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Award…I Should Learn to Appreciate Myself More Maybe Leave a comment

  1. Okay, just by reading this post, and the very kind words you wrote here, I’m going to break my self applied rule to not add any more blogs to the one I am already following (I follow a lot of blogs, and quite honesty I have reached my limit…) But….that said…I guess adding just one more would not make to much of a difference. So…click: Follow 😊
    Thanks for the kind words…I really enjoyed the post you wrote: finding the right words about yourself and something positive is quite hard (believe me I struggle with it myself, it’s much more fun to hand out compliments to others). But…you managed any way: and you listed two very nice qualities to have in my opinion. Well: looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future πŸ˜€

    Liked by 6 people

  2. You know Mel, I will gladly buy you a drink anytime but let me make this clear – everything you said about yourself is perfectly true but you left out so much.
    You have to be one of the gentless most empathic people I have met in recent years and if meeting you was the only thing I got out of the blog experience, I would already have considered it an enormous success.
    Let me know when you’re free for a Corean lunch!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. While I agree with everyone here, and having the privilege of talking to you every single day without fail, I have to say you and I are more alike than I thought after reading more about you. We talk sporadically about real life, but we go through the same stuff of self-confidence and what not. You are not alone in that regard.

    While I struggle with accepting some parts of myself, you’ve always been an inspiration as to why I shouldn’t give a crap about what the rest of the world thinks. It’s what I really love about you, because despite your negative feelings about yourself, you are your own person and you own it without any regrets.

    So, seriously, this is why I call you one of my besties. Not only do you inspire me, but you get me, you allow me to be who I need to be without having to put up some fake facade like I have to IRL. I’ll always be grateful for the day I ran across your blog when I embarked on this journey and saw one of your Psycho-pass posts. Because that day, I was given a very beautiful friendship that I hope continues to bloom over the years!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. First off thank you for thanking of me and second off I love what your wrote! Your library and my library should get together πŸ˜€ I think we would enjoy a lot of the same types of books. I love reading and it is refreshing to see another like minded soul ❀ Getting to know you has been such a blast! I'm really glad we are in each other's lives.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Iβ€˜m not someone who can sell myself, you know in job interview when they ask you why they should take you instead of someone else” completely relate to this! I always struggle with this quest, at least you have a selling speech, I don’t xD
    To be honest that’s one of my main goals in the close future, be able to appreciate myself more and dont be afraid to say I did a good job when I think I did! (I always think I’ll sound conceited for some reason)

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