The one thing pop music have all in common no matter in which language the group or band is singing is music video. Although the origin of the music video goes back to 20′, it’s only in the 80′ that when we start seeing music video as we see it today.

Like any other country, Kpop or the K-music in general also produce music video, music video or MV are a great marketing tool to promote a new song, but if it’s a good promotional medium, most of the music video are films the same way and it’s even more truth when we talk about kpop. Most of the time, MV are what we call “box mv” in other words the music video look like it was film in a box, the boys or girls group dance to their song performing sharp or cute move. Most of the time we get nothing more than the dance and a few shot of the member standing around singing. This is probably the reason why I’m always happy to see something different, like a story in a music video.

It’s not something we see often, but I’m always pleased when a music video is filmed like a mini drama, sometimes you can found some nice story in it.

In this edition of K-Friday, I decide to share with you some of my favorite mini-drama/music video

** Warning: Some video are quite long **

“This is War” by MBLAQ (100% Ver. – 2011)

“Before You Go” by TVXQ (Keep you Head Down repackage – 2011)

“Angel” by SHINHWA (Brand New – 2004)

“Please Don’t” by K.Will (The Third Album part 1 – 2012)

“Cry Cry” by T-ARA (Black Eyes – 2011)

“Lovey-Dovey” by T-ARA (Funky Town – 2012)

“Day by Day” by T-ARA (Day by Day – 2012)

“Sexy Love” by T-ARA (Day by Day repackage – 2012)

“One Shot” by B.A.P (One Shot – 2013)

“Skydive” by B.A.P (Noir – 2016)


I only shared my favorite MV drama, I could have added some more but only the T-ARA music video or at least 14 minutes long, 14 time 4 we are close then an hours ( yes I did watch them all when I wrote the post XD) and I want you to do other thing with your time :p

Hope you enjoy the watch,

See you next time!!

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