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In the last Anime Crush edition, I decide to talk about Momoshiro Takeshi since he was part of my February OWLS Tour post, in this edition I will talk about and an other Seigaku’s regular who I briefly mention in the post, Kaidoh Kaoru.


The Viper

©Konomi Takeshi

Like Momoshiro, Kaidoh is a second year and he is regular, however unlike his club mate, he is not the one the first year will go to if they have a problem. Nicknamed Mamushi (viper), the back-haired tend to make a hissing sound and he look angry 99.99% of the time. This nickname is also quite fitting since both of his known technique have the word “snake” in it (snake shot and boomerang snake). Despite his cold and distant side, he have soft spot for cute animal he also can be really shy, even more when he is getting praised.

Iron Man

Kaidoh is the regular who have the most endurance, therefore Inui made him is own training regiment which was 3 time harder than the other regular regiment. His level of endurance can be seen in this game versus Kamio from Fudomine. Not only he have a really high level of endurance – almost inhuman – but he have a mind of steel, he doesn’t get easily discouraged by the opponent even when they are stronger than him.

Seigaku Next Captain

©Konomi Takeshi

Kaidoh might look angry most of the time, he might be cold and distant, but he rarely let his emotion take the better on him (unless you make fun of his nickname) and even if he look scary the other member of the club still respect him. All this make him a good captain, Tezuka saw his potential as next captain.


Kaidoh is scary, cold and distant, but he also have a caring side and to care about his teammate more than he let it appear.

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