HIGHLIGHT is a name that is floating around the K-pop sphere since 2017, they are a young group yet their member are veteran since in a past life they were known as the popular six-member boy group BEAST. The original line-up consisted of  Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung ,Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon. In 2016, Hyunseung departure of the group was announced.

BEAST formed by CUBE entertainment, debuted in 2009 with the single “Bad Girl” coming from their 1st mini-album Beast is the B2ST. Then six months later the group released their second mini-album Shock of the New Era including the two single “Shock” and “Take Care of my Girlfriend (Say No)”.

“Bad Girl”


During their time under the Cube label, the group released seven more mini-albums (Mastermind (2010), Lights Go On Again (2010), My Story (2010), Midnight Sun (2012), Good Luck (2014), Time (2014) and Ordinary (2015)) and three studio albums (Fiction and Fact (2011), Hard to Love, How to Love (2013) and Highlight (2016)). Their last studio album, Highlight, is the first album released as five-member after Hyunseung departure

“Breath” (Mastermind)

“Fiction” (Fact and Fiction)

“Beautiful Night” (Midnight Sun)

“Shadow” (Hard to Love, How to Love)

Late 2016, the group announced their departure of Cube Entertainment to former their own label, Around Us Entertainment. Due to the fact the group name, BEAST/B2ST, was trademarked by Cube, the group had to find a new name, HIGHLIGHT.

Since their official debuted under their new name, the group release 2 mini-album, Can You Feel? It in March 2017 (repackage in May called Calling you) and Celebrate in October of the same years.

“Plz Don’t Be Sad” (Can You Feel it?)

“Calling You” (Calling You)

“Can Be Better” (Celebrate)


I loved BEAST, I adore HIGHLIGHT, when the new came out, I was happy for them. They boys could have more liberty and promote the way they wanted. I was even more happy when their first mini-album came out, they kept their own sound, their own melody/beat formula, that sound that pushed them among the best k-pop group. I really wish them a bright future, the boys deserved it.

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