Tezuka is a well-respected captain, however due to a bad injury, he had to step off and get in rehabilitation. During his time away, Seigaku captain left the team between the hand of his trusty vice-captain. In this edition of Anime Crush, I will put the spotlight on the player who could be dubbed as the team mom, Oishi Shuichiro.

One Half of the Golden Pair

Oishi speciality is the volley counter, his ball are high and have a really nice curve in the sky and to do his perfect shot, he have to be all the way in the back of the court. This is probably one of the reason why he is the perfect complement to Kikamaru Eiji who style play is acrobatic and closer to the net. While Eji take care of the front, Oishi take the back. Together they are incredible, national level double team.

Everyone’s Mom

Oishi care a lot about his team, if one of them his trouble, he is also trouble. He got really worried about Momoshiro when the latter stop coming to the practice after losing his regular spot, he even got mad to Eiji who was a little bit too insensitive regarding the situation. When Echizen Ryoma got injured about the eyes during his single match against Ibu Shinji from Fudomine, Oishi didn’t wanted Echizen to continue the game and was really anxious until the end of it. Oishi really get mad, but when it happen he can be really scary…like every sweet mom.

Trusty Vice-Captain

Oishi doesn’t have Tezuka authority aura, but he is as respected as the captain his, when Tezuka left for his rehabilitation, he knew the team was in good hand with Oishi, even if the latter often doubt of himself. Despite is caring mom side, he know how to keep in check the other member of the team when he have to.


With is caring since, Oishi is to me a character really likeable, more than once I felt bad for him to have to deal with his team-mate shit.

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