I think this is the best way to close the Seigaku Anime Crush series, Echizen Ryoma the main character.

Cocky AF

I would really said I disagree with that, but I just can’t, Ryoma is cocky…really cocky, provoking opponent and looking down on them. He is the type who totally deserve some kick in the ass. However even if he is a cocky brat, he can still acknowledge there is player way better than him.

Mada Mada Dane

His cocky attitude make him extremely over-confident in his own abilities, but he also know he still have a lot to learn before being about to beat the one person he want to beat, his father. Echizen’s father use to be a professional player and he is the one who taught Ryoma how to play. Until later in the manga, Ryoma was a mere copy of his father, until Tezuka made him realize he need to developed his own style if he want to get even better.

Clueless in Everything Else

The only thing Ryoma knows is tennis, his level of social interaction is close to be non-existent which give him a really cute side. After all Ryoma is just a pre-teen who know nothing other than  the tennis  his father taught him.


Echizen Ryoma is a character that some might hate cause of his attitude, but in my case, I have to say it’s his attitude that make me like him.

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