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Welcome to a new edition of Mel’s Anime Crush, today I will present you my top member of the Hyotei tennis club, the captain, Atobe Keigo.

Captain Narcissist

god I would love to have it

Atobe is proud of his position as captain and he is overly confident when it come to his tennis abilities, one of is common quote is “Be awed at the sight of my prowess!”, despite being narcissist and quite arrogant, Atobe is still charming really popular with is schoolmate, which probably doesn’t help his ego, the entire school is his fan club and you can often see them cheering on him during the match.

Hardworking Heir


He might be the heir have an extremely wealthy family, but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know the meaning of working hard to get result, this is quite true when it come to tennis, he didn’t get his captain position cause of his money, but cause he worked hard to develop his technique and abilities, like the Insight that allow him to see the weakness and the potential of his opponent.

Narcissist But Not Self-Centred

Despite being narcissist and arrogant, Atobe is not self-centred and he is always ready to give and hand even if this mean helping a rival school, like when he agree to help Seigaku to get ready for their match against Rikkai Dai at Tezuka request. He also appreciate the worth of his teammate , like when he stood up for Shishido in front of their coach, knowing Shishido really worked hard, and his rival, like when he raise Tezuka hand after their match, to show him as someone who also deserve praise for his hardwork during the game despite the lost.


Some might hate him cause of his attitude, and other might love him for the exact same thing, but one thing is sure Atobe Keigo left an impression on all the people who read or watched Prince of Tennis. Atobe is the kind of character who deserve his very own series.

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16 thoughts on “[Anime Crush] Atobe Keigo

      1. Well I loved that he was the voice of Victor from Yuri on ice and undertaker from Black Butler who are both my fav gray haired characters.

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      2. Haha I started reading the manga after I realized there was no season 2. But I do hope another studio takes over. Fingers crossed.

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      3. I’m only up to Volume 4. I need to move faster. It’s just that I’m reading so many other manga too. I wish I can stop time to read all my manga and watch all my anime

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