Howdy Everyone!!
Hope you are all doing good!

Now the Spring season is officially started, it’s time for me to give you my first impression of the few series I will watch this season.

When I say a few, it’s really a few. If I don’t count the continuing series, I only watch 4 title with is more than the half of what I was watching last season, and it’s not because I haven’t found anything to watch, it’s just that I decide to spend my time on other thing instead of watching anime for a whole day.

The four series I decide to watch, are series I was really looking forward to watch and hopefully I will not drop any.

The first one is obviously the third season of My Hero Academia.

I watched the two previous season last year and I fall for it so I was really looking forward that first episode and even more since it was a “beach” (pool) episode. I mean I cannot complain about seeing Todoroki half-naked…however I can certainly complain about the episode itself which is 15 mins of recap and 5 mins of comedy. I actually rolled my eyes when Aizawa list the student and their Quirk…
As I said, I’m not totally mad at the episode but I would have expected more from it.
Now I just hope next episode will enter in the new arc.

The second one is Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

I‘m one of those who really like the first season of the series (at least the first arc) and also a big part of the second season. When I saw a new series would be made, I was quite happy. This is a spin-off with brand new character but in a world we already know. GGO is setting and now that I’m playing Fatal Bullet, I’m more than excited to watch the series even if both map are different.
This first episode gives us a really nice introduction to the series and the game. LLENN one of the main character introduce to us left a funny impression on me. It’s probably a good thing she is that fast cause it’s certainly not her bright pink uniform that will help her no matter where she is. That world colors is filled with brown, grey and green with a gloomy feel attached to it, so LLENN is really contrasting.
At the end of the episode the user behind LLENN is introduced and I’m looking forward to know more about her. I’m wondering why she decided for that avatar and why she raise the agility stat that high.

The third series on my list is Tokyo Ghoul: Re

I watched the two first season of the series and I know what people are think about Root A, but I tend about not caring about other opinion even more if I enjoyed the show, which was the case for Root A, but this might change when I will read the manga.
I was looking forward to watch that new season, but I think I should have wait to read the manga before. I was a good first episode but I feel like something is missing like if they rush thing and forgot important element that could have made this first episode awesome. This season will be twelves episode and I hope they will not rush it too much.
I’m not totally disappointed by the episode, but I was expecting more from a series that last season ended three years ago.

Now last title on the list, Persona 5

To be honest, I was confused by that first episode, trying to figure what happened when and even if I figured it out, I was still a bit confused, but I still enjoyed that first episode and now I want to play the game. I hope the second episode will give more clue about what is happening to put the pieces together.


This was my first impression of the Spring season, at least of the series I’m planning to follow.
Which are the series you are planning to watch this season?
Let me know in the comment section below

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

2 thoughts on “Mel’s Spring 1st Impression

  1. I only more recently started to watch My Hero Academia, and at my pace it may take me a good minute to catch up. Other than that there hasn’t really been anything this season to really jump out to me yet. But hey if a lot of people start saying something is really good or weird I may give it a shot. 🙂

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    1. One that is not on my watch list that heard a lot about is “Magical Girl Site” from the comment there is no grey area you will either enjoy or hate… but since it’s on Amazon I can’t verify by myself


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