Welcome back to the challenge that let you discover the handsome men living in the Anime World. Arthis and I will be your host for this challenge!

Hello everyone! 3 weeks in here and I even feel that I am more handsome now! It’s the vibe that Mel’s place give!

For this fifth day of the challenge, we will present you some fine supernatural men,

I have to say that I’m kind of happy this day fall on my blog since my pick is my second favorite character, a really sexy vampire…

Crowley Eusford (Seraph of the End)

In the beginning, Crowley’s handsome look grab my attention, tall and sexy with his top just open enough to have a glimpse at his muscular chest. But more the series was going more I liked him, then the anime ended and I started reading the manga and by the same occasion look for more information about him. This is when I learn the guy was a crusader, the history nerd in me really liked that.

An other reason why I like him it’s because he don’t like being bored even more when he fight, stronger his opponent his, more entertain he become.
And lastly the way he is around Yuu and the squad, he might be a vampire who care about two thing, blood and fight, but you can see through the panel he care about those child, probably cause they remind him of a past he should have forgotten centuries ago.

flustered Crowley is the cutest

Nice choice Mel! 😀

When I read supernatural while picking the characters, my choice came instantly! My pick for today is:

Natsume Yunjichou from Natsume: Book of Friends

Natsume Yunjichou.jpg

I’ve already showed my love for this Anime and character while doing its review. However, I think that I focused more on Nyanko-sensei who overshadowed Natsume a little bit. But, in the end, I do love him and when it comes to supernatural, no character can be better at my eyes besides him!

When we think about the physical aspect, Natsume is just the cutest thing! I love his design and although not really over the top or that cool, he just gives that vibe of a normal guy that you could get in real a life, which is a HUGE PLUS! To be honest, it’s crushes like this that makes me thing that I honestly don’t have a type since he’s completely different from my boyfriend for example xD (Unless we are talking about white-aired guys of course). 

Natsume Cute.gif

But, yet again, it’s not only about the looks! His traits are also what makes me fall for him! To be honest, there are many traits of his that resonates with me and probably that’s why I like him too much! (I’m an egocentric xD)

He had a difficult past, overcame it and continues to be a nice guy! Being able to overcome a difficult childhood is hard by itself. However, doing that and still be a nice person and see love in the world is even harder. I also had some troubles in my childhood and now that I am an adult I still try to see the best in the world! 🙂 I think it’s really an important and a good trait to have!

Natsume nice guy.gif

Secondly he’s always trying to help others! Another thing that I see myself a lot in this character. Even if in the end he may ends up getting hurt or in a worst situation versus if he didn’t do nothing he will go and help nonetheless! Again, other thing that I really respect and adore seeing in other people! 🙂

Natsume Book of Friends.gif

He really doesn’t care about labels! He sees youkai and humans alike! Good and bad are not equal to what you are when it comes to race! I try to live by this and never start a relationship with preconceptions. However it is hard for me and sometimes I really need to put my mind in line so I don’t do that. Natsume do this completely out of naturality. He is just like this without having to do any effort! To be honest, he inspires me a lot!

Last, but not the least – he’s relationship with Nyanko-sensei just shows how good of a boyfriend he would be! I know that he and Nyanko don’t have a love relationship, neither I ship them or something the like! However, he seems to be that kind of a boyfriend that would be loyal, respectful and would give you your space when you need it!

Natsume drying Nyanko.gif
He could dry my hair :3

That’s all for my pick today! I really adore Natsume and I think he is the soul of the show! I would love meeting him in real life XD 


That guy look so cute, I will certainly have to watch that show eventually!! I’m even ready to concede my defeat (Sorry Crowley you might me a hot vampire but I know the popularity of that guy XD)

Now it’s time to vote!! And remember if the poll doesn’t work for you, you can still let us know you pick in the comment below or DM us!

Don’t forget to give a look to Arthis’ Place for Day Six in which we share our crush from a Psychological/Thriller anime!

~ Thank you for reading ~
See You Next Week

17 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 3 Day 5

  1. Natsume is the cutest guy ever. Not hot perhaps but oh so adorable. He got my vote just because. Although, I love all the vampires in this world…. ehm, except those who sparkle. I just.. yeah. Nevermind. Arty, we have the same taste in boys this week I believe. I hope the numbers even out today.

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