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Welcome to the first “Mel is Watching”, in this post series, I will give you my impression of the week about each episode of the current season I watch.

I can’t promise anything about this post series, it will depend of how lazy I am and if I feel like watching anything during the week. However I will try my best to keep it consistent…I will try (try is a keyword here)

Since not everyone is probably reading the weekly round-up (even if I highly suggest you to read them since you can find some really great post) I will first give you my short watch list

  • Black Clover
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
  • Darling in the Franxx
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3
  • Persona 5, The Animation
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re

By this time, I would have already post a decent watch list, with the series synopsis and the promotional video, but this season, I…like…forgot so no master watch list, but you can find my first impression on those series here…enjoy your reading


Now time for the present week, the third week of the Spring season.

Black Clover

Episode 28 – The One I’ve Set my Heart On

©Studiot Pierrot

Last week we had the conclusion of the attack on the capital, this week Asta and Noelle are back to the Black Bulls Headquarter. Asta and Luck agreed to go with Finral to a mixer even if none of them know what this is. Of course thing doesn’t go as Finral had planned and get dumped by the girl…thank to Asta for throwing a drunkard across the room.

To be honest I would have done without this episode, it was just really boring, I get they need those kind of episode to separate the big event/arc but I would have still have rather have an episode where they jump right into the action since this is the reason why I keep watching the series week after week. We certainly didn’t need a reminder about Asta love for Sister Lily. The only reminder I needed is how much Yami is hot…

This new episode also introduced us the new opening and ending and none of the song beat the first ones, but I like the visual, at least Yami’s part (You have to know I’m a little bit biased toward character voiced by Suwabe Junichi)

I feel like next week they will give us an other episode like this one and I hope it will be the last one.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

Episode 15 – Sakura’s Nostalgic Viewing Party


More it goes, more I have the feeling Akiho have no freaking clue of what it happening, but Kaito obviously knows what is going on. They also shown a lot of shoot with that rabbit (can’t remember its name tho), and the fact both girl are way to similar in personality is probably not a coincidence.

We got a nice sequence from the 2nd Sakura movie, that brought back some memories. Once again a card appear, but this time Sakura might have to catch it in the next episode, which i’m really looking forward too. I feel we will learn more about Kaito and it seems like Meiling and Sakura will have the team up to beat something (or someone)

Darling in the Fraxx

Episode 15 – Jian

© A-1 Picture / Trigger

This is probably the first episode, since the debut of the series where I actually care for those kid, Hiro was really pitiful in the be beginning of the episode, not knowing what he should do. I like how they separate it in two, Hiro side and Zero-Two side until they get back together

With this episode, I really hope all the hate Ichigo receive in episode 14th will be over with this episode, but I feel like some member of this community can’t forgive a fictional character that easily.

This was certainly one of my favorite episode, I love pretty much everything about it, mostly the BGM and the insert song, now the opening is more than that, in linked to the series, this song belong to Zero-Two and Hiro.

My Hero Academia, Season 3

Episode 41 – Kouta


Before writing this, I decide to refresh my memory by looking at few chapters that cover this arc, and I must admit I’m pretty impress cause so far, they pretty much sticking to the manga (not counting the first episode of the season here and the fact they forgot showing Shinsou in the 2nd episode), of course we had some scene in extra here and there, but nothing to say that “Oh they should have talk about it”

Seeing Todoroki smiling cause he was able to control his quirk, unlike Bakugo who just burst everything made my heart smile…pretty sure each time he is smile a new angel is born.


I know he is a villain, but I was quite happy to see Dabi entrance here, I was curious to see how his quirk will show up on-screen (loving those blue flames) and the BGM for the villain entrance was on point.

Really looking forward next episode, normally I would have been annoyed by the cliff-hanger, but since I already read the whole arc, I know what is coming and I can’t wait to see it adapted to the screen.

Persona 5, The Animation

Episode 3 – A Beautiful Rose as Thorn!

©A-1 Picture

God Kamoshida is annoying…everything about that perverted jerk is really annoying…I can’t with is voice (not hating on the VA here, doing a pretty good job). What annoy me the most about him is the fact that he is really the king of that school, it’s not just an impression he give.

I haven’t played the game, I haven’t even bought it yet, I will for sure., but even if I know nothing about the game, I feel like it’s what I’m watching when I watch the episode. The way of fighting in round, is really similar to video game (take pokemon in example), where each players have their attack turn.

Last episode, two member join, Sakamoto (Captain Kidd) and Morgana (Zorro) a cat that is not a cat, Ren in the Meta-Nav, in this episode we have Takamaki (Carmen), joining the Phantom thief club. From what we see in the ending, there is still two other character who will join the club and I feel like one of them is the cutie we see at the end when Ren get in the wagon with Sakamoto.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Episode 3 – Fan Letter

©Studio 3Hz

I really have the feeling this series will be a big giant tutorial for Fatal Bullet, I mean there is a lot of thing they say in it that I haven’t thought trying in the game. That being said, most of us probably already figured out Pito real identity, now I’m quite curious about M, who is he in real life. Their reference to Phantom Bullet made me smile, even if they haven’t shown anything picture I could see Kirito and Sinon scene, it would have been nice if they would have shown those two instead of random player, but since it’s not the same studio…

Next episode I think we will take back where we left in the first episode during the Squad Jam.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re

Episode 3 – Fresh: Eve

©Studio Pierrot

I haven’t read the manga yet, in fact I haven’t even finish the first series, and I have to say that I kind of regret it cause while I’m kind of interested by the story, I’m more curious about the character, mostly Urie. Yes he look like that jerk he think is better than all the other and just want to rust thing to get the result he want, regardless of what is superior say…oh what that is exactly who is right now, but I was curious to see if I have to continue to hate him or if he will start to change so I look at the wikia and…I regret it.

The episode in itself was interesting, the Quinx squad is on the case of a ghoul called the Nutcracker and to get info they decide the best way was to get disguise a female…drunk Mutsuki is really friendly with everyone, thank to that they got what they wanted, now they have to prepare for the operation which will happen during an auction between ghoul.

During this same episode Sasaki meet with Donato and the later ask him what he will do if his memory return, at 1st Sasaki doesn’t know that to answer but later he hope he will never forget his squad member. I like how Kaneki is always in Sasaki shadow, I think the show does a good job at show that duality, the difference between the two persona.

I was happy to see Suzuya back, I liked him in the 2nd season, I’m happy to see he seem to be the same but a little bit more mature and it really pain me to see him visiting Shinohara at the hospital, knowing he will never have his mentor back.

Next week it will be auction time and I’m curious to see what will happen since Ayato will be present, and it look like there will be other known ghouls, so I wonder how Sasaki will react to them, since he already reacted to Nishio.


This 3rd week was pretty interesting, looking forward the next week and see how some episode will turn on.

What did you watch this week? is there a episode you like more than the other ?
Let me know in the comment below

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!


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