Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to the Jon’s Creator Showcase!

I originally wasn’t supposed to host this showcase Raistlin was supposed to host it, however due to various event, he couldn’t host it anymore, therefore I propose myself to do it.

During three weeks, I took submissions, post written during the month of March, great posts that content creator wanted to share it us.

During those three weeks I received a total of twenty-eight posts, all interesting posts talking about various subject.

Subject that I separate into six categories, Anime, Kpop, Movie, Music, OWLS and Other.

I will not list all the post here, I tried to choose a max of 10 per category, all the other post can be found here. Be sure to give it a look


Why I’m Alone by KimchiSama
In this post, the other talk about the anime series Watamote and the loneliness of the main character and what she do to get through it.
I found it quite interesting, this post show us that not all comedy only have bright side.

Looking Back – Winter 2014 by Apprentice Mage Lounge
I really enjoyed reading this post where the author write about anime watched in 2014 and write short review of the series.

All Kinds of Genre by NegativePrimes
Interesting post about how the genre define what a series and how we need to be open about which genre is used to define an anime series.

(Mecha March) Actual Time Dilation in Anime by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)
In this post, Scott decide to talk about the concept of Time Dilatation in anime and provide us three example about how it can affect the character of the series.

Sailor Moon is an anime that pretty much everyone know, nice magical girl story, a young girl fighting evil, however the series is much more than that and in this post the author present us one of the reason why Sailor Moon is amazing.

The Hunger Games: Anime Edition |The First Cannon-Shot by Arthifis (Arthifis’ Place)
If you are looking for a great crossover fanfic, look no more and read this first chapter of the Hunger Game: Anime Edition. Eight character who have to fight until only one remain and you, the reader, are the one who will decide who will win and who will die.

Friday’s Feature: Finding the Path Beyond Stagnation by Karandi (100WordAnime)
Using March Comes in Like a Lion as example, Karandi talk how character can find their way to move forward after not being able to go anywhere due to various personal issue.

My Haikyuu!! Dream Team by Auri (Manga Toritsukareru Koto)
The title is self-explanatory, Auri present not only one dream team but two, with a nice explanation about why she chose those player.

A Horrific Disappointment (Junji Ito Collection Anime Review) by A Nerdy Perspective
In this post, A Nerdy Perspective give us their reason why they were disappointed by the anime series of Junji Ito Collection in a form of a review

Scattered Thoughts – Ito Junji: Collection and how to fail at horror by Aldael
Aldael also give their take on the horror anime series that is Junji Ito by telling us how they failed at horror and give us example of series that succeed.


As Graceful as a Park Jimin: Why We Love a Boy Who Dances by Chizurue (Of Midnight Raving)
BTS is the hottest Kpop act of the moment, they are everywhere, breaking every record. In this post, Chizurue tell us why they love Park Jimin one of the member of the really popular Kpop boy group.


My Top Ten David Cronenberg Movies by Cinema Parrot Disco
I’m not familiar with movie director, of course I know some but not a lot, thus seeing someone enjoying movie all made by the same director is always nice. In this post, the author present us their favorite movie by David Cronenberg, the only movie I saw from that list is “The Fly” and it was a long time ago. It did leave some kind of nightmare impact.


A Tribute to Kalafina by The Moyatorium
Great post about the Japanese vocal group, this is a great introduction to the group giving us information about the member and the group supported by video showcasing their voice.


(OWLS Post) Key:TMI and I: Of Humanity and Friends by Scott (Mechanial Anime Review) submitted by Irina
In this post, Scott use the anime Key: The Metal Idol as example to talk about the meaning of friendship which was the theme for March’s OWLS tour and how he related to the main character.

[OWLS Blog Tour: “Squad”] Friendship through the Eyes of an Introvert: Hyouka by Zoe (Let’s Talk Anime)
In Zoe’s post, we discover the character of the anime series of Hyouka and the friendship liking them together.

Arata Kangatari and the Revival of the Old with Yuu Watase (Milestones + Manga March Begins!) by magicconan14 (The Animanga Spellbook)
This is a OWLS post that is not a OWLS post, magicconan14 is not a member of the OWLS group yet (hopefully one day it they will be part of it) but they still wanted to write a post about on topic covered by the group which is “Revivial” the January 2018 prompt. To talk about this topic, the author chose the talk about Arata Kangatari and its mangaka Yuu Watase.


Premeditated Fantasies by Ya Boy Jack (The Aniwriter)
I didn’t read a lot of poem in my life other than the one I had to read for school and I have to say this is one that I should have given to read, since I can relate to it.

[Insert Title Here] – A Discussion on Creative Bankruptcy by Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Reviews)
In this post, Jon wrote about something pretty much every blogger felt at least once in their life, even me who post at least three post per week, Creative Bankruptcy (in my opinion, Creative Bankruptcy is Writer’s Block bestfriend)

Blogger in the Spotlight: Matt in the Hat by Kat Sade (grimmgirl.com)
One thing I like with the ani-blogging community is how one blogger like to promote, put the spotlight on another blogger and this is what Kat did by putting Matt, from Matt in the Hat under the spotlight by giving you reason why you should follow him.


I wanna thanks everyone who share their post with us, thank you I read really great stuff during those three weeks.

Next May showcase will be hosted by Lili’s Blissfil Pages , make sure to submit your post when they will start taking submission!

During the period of time I was taking submission, I got an idea, but before announcing it I have to talk with the mastermind behind the Creator Showcase, Jon, since I have to borrow part of his idea.

~ Thank you for reading ~

27 thoughts on “April Jon’s Creator Showcase – Let’s Discover Awesome Content

  1. Thank you for including my post (even though it isn’t a legitimate OWLS post)…but I have to ask, is it really alright for someone to submit a post on someone’s behalf like Irina did here? I think this might’ve been the first time it’s happened for the Showcase…

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  2. Sorry I’m late to this. Thanks for the link! 🙂 I was tagged for this on Twitter & didn’t realise it would be anime posts (my Cronenberg post feels out of place. Lol). Great site! I’ll definitely be checking out the posts linked above as anime is something I’ve been getting into more & more in the past few years of my blog. Although I suppose my anime taste is quite mainstream… 🙂

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