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This is when my weekly round-up post goes up, and I know, by reading the comments, people enjoy these post. Not only they can catch-up on my own post but only read post from other that they might have missed. Round-up, wrap-up post are great for that, there is something else that it is great, it’s the Jon’s Creator Showcase.

The Jon’s Creator Showcase allowed content creator to get exposure, to share post they like. I host the April showcase and I discover a lot of good post.

Coincidently, while taking submission for the showcase, one of my post, a piece that I was particularly proud of it, got some view, not a lot but enough to make me thing it would be nice to have something similar to the Jon’s Creator Showcase but for post written before the creation of the event.

After asking Jon if I could use his idea as base for this monthly project (since he is an awesome guy, he said yes), I’m now coming with the official announcement and explanation of the project.

TBT with Mel

This will be like a complement to the Jon Creator Showcase, as I explained above, this monthly event will take submission of piece written by you before Jon created the showcase, the first showcase was held in January 2018 with post written in December 2017, which mean I will take post written before December 2017.

Now I could just tell you to submit me any post written before that, November and older, however I still want to keep a certain organization, therefore each month will go backward in time, that’s mean the first TBT with Mel will take submission of post written in November 2017 and the one after will take submission of posts written in October 2017.

You will have two ways to submit me your post, written by you. One is by sending it directly to me by email ( or trough Twitter by tagging me @melinanimeland and adding the hashtag #TBTwithMel.

If you decide to submit through Twitter, I would like to ask you to tag at least one person, not to flood people with notification but to share the word.

Gonna start taking submission the 1st of each month and the round-up post will be post the last Thursday (duh!) of the month, you will have until the Monday of the same week to submit  your post to be.

Looking forward your participation and reading your post!

This monthly event start… Tomorrow.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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