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Welcome back to the weekly anime crush Challenge!
I‘m your host Mel and for this challenge I’m collaboration with the amazing Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place, if you are not already following him, stop what you are doing a go click follow cause his blog his as amazing as he is.

aroooo~ everyone! 😀 Arthis’ here ^.^ Really Mel, when to the time this collab I’ll have an ego so gigantic that I would probably be able to fly by using it!

Now for today, we will share with you your megane crush or if you prefer your favorite character wearing glasses.

I don’t know for Arthis, but mine is an easy pick and for those who know me it’s pretty much given

Fushimi Saruhiko (K-Project) nickname by me “Little Twisted Monkey”


If we base yourself only on the anime, Fushimi Saruhiko have a twisted personality who seemed to feel a love of joy teasing the Red Clan vanguard, Yata Misaki. However, if you look behind that, if you look for his background story you will see that he didn’t have it easy when he was younger.
Once again I’m attract by the misunderstood but also tsundere character.

Fushimi grew-up in a dysfunctional family, where his mother was more interested by her own company and his father was mentally deranged despite being really intelligent. If you think Fushimi is twisted, wait to see how his father is (One of the seven movie that will be release in July will show you that), his father never really abused Fushimi physically, other than shooting him with a lead gun, he never his son. His abuse for more psychological.

What Fushimi was looking for the most, was acknowledgement, he wanted to be special in the eye of someone, he wanted the other t see how great he was. He found that in Yata, however their friendship didn’t last (I will not talk about that here tho, will keep that for an other post), now Fushimi is almost the mirror of what his father was except maybe for the fact that Fushimi have a conscience, which is father didn’t have.

Fushimi still care about his friend, even if he will never admit it and care about his former clan mates, he did help them when Anna got abducted and he pretend to betray the Blue clan in order to gain the Green clan trust, all this to have information about Jungle.

Fushimi might look like a jerk on the surface, when if you scratch a little, you will fine a straight up man who was wounded by life.

Here is my megane crush, of course I will go for him, he is in my header after all


Well… This is a hard one! I normally don’t like guys with glasses in Anime! Probably because their personalities end up most of the times being the “I’m so smart and you are all commoners”. Well, I hate people who think too much of themselves so I end up hating all of those guys ahah

Nevertheless it’s a challenge and I need to comply! Here’s my megane crush:

Franken Stein from Soul Eater


Do I have to tell anything? First he has the white hair, so… Instantly a hottie! Moreover he has all these “scars” which come from him making experiences with his own body. Those scars just make him to be so cool! And let’s not forget the huge screw in his head!!! I mean, have you ever seen a better accessory to use?

When it comes to his personality I think the thing that makes me like him so much it’s his intelligence! He is basically a genius! It makes him a little eccentric and more prone to go crazy due to the madness energy… But, well… I like my boys intelligent and normally geniuses are always eccentric!

fraken stein loose head.gif

The other trait that I love about him is, contrary to his really serious persona he ends up being one of the most clumsy guys I’ve ever know! Every time he tries to be cool in a conscience way he always end up screwing it up lolol Nevertheless it is good enough for the laughs and I know if I was with him I would always be laughing everytimes he fell down!

fraken stein falling.gif
Always the same thing ahah

It is also nice to see his evolution throughout the Anime! He starts as a “bad” guy consumed by the darkness, but ends up becoming a friend and a voice of reason! I just love him so much and he’s basically my favorite character from Soul Eater!


Oh Franken Stein is certainly an interesting choice, I might have not seen the anime yet, but from what I know he is an interesting character.

Now it’s time for you dear reader to decide between the Twisted Monkey, Fushimi Saruhiko, and the Once a Bad guy, Franken Stein

Don’t go to far your screen after reading this post, cause day 10 will follow on Arthis blog!!

10 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 5 Day 9

  1. I’m not too sure about Franken Stein. 🤔I prefer your choice Mel. My megane was an easy choice. Villain was way harder. Still is actually, I am still writing and trying to figure that one out. Ah well, nice choices you two, even though the man with the screw might not be what I had expected.

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