Hi everyone!
I’m your host Mel and today I receive a very special guest in AnimeLand
Please welcome one my favorite fan fiction writer, Pervy-Mel.

Hi everyone!
I’m very happy to be here with you.

We are also very happy to have you with us.

Without any further delay, let’s start the interview!

When and why did you start writing fan fiction?
I started writing fan fiction in the beginning of last year, I don’t clearly remember why, but it’s most probably following a conversation with friends online.

So it’s still recent…
Yes! I have to say there is time when I look at the stories I have written so far that I’m amazed by what I wrote.

Why is that?
I seriously never thought I would write fan fiction, in fact if you were asking me to write a fan fiction a few years before, I would have probably laugh and decline. Even more concerning the more mature story.

Is there any reason why you didn’t wanted to write before?
Before I was doubting of my English writing skill, I thought it wouldn’t be good enough to write long stories, people will mostly criticized my stories not on what I write but how I wrote it.
Plus as you probably know, most of my story are for a mature public and to be honest I always considered BL and Yaoi stories as a guilty pleasure. Not that I’m ashamed to write those kind of story but more shy.

Are you proud of what you accomplished so far?
Yes of course, to be it was quite a challenge to even begin to write since the first story I wrote is not a story for underage people.

And no one criticized you so far? After more than a year of writing?
No, I even had good comment about the few I posted on an other website. One comment particularly made me smile, cause even if they hate the fact I killed one character to write the fanfic, they still like it.

Do you like having those kind of comment?
Of course, even if in the beginning I was mostly writing for me and my friend, having good comment from stranger it feel nice. I like them more since I wasn’t confident about it.

You mentioned you were posting your fan fiction on an other website?
Although I’m lucky to be able to post my writing here on your blog, Mel, I decide to test the water and see what total stranger would think about my story. This is why I created an account on Archive of Our Own. I don’t have as much as story posted there since I post here first, but there is still a few.

That is good for you to have a second place to post your story, in mean more visibility for you
It’s exactly why I decide to do it, even if it took a lot of encouragement from other, but it’s not because I have an account on another website that I will stop posting here, this blog will always be the first to have the my newest work.

Talking about new story, is there any you are working on now?
I do have a story in progress and it’s a real challenge, since I promise myself I will keep it clean of smutt

You mean no sex scene, everything PG?
No sex scene but not for everyone either *pause* guess we will see. Maybe I will still make a full smutt extra chapter since I realized that was my motivation to write, I have to live up my name after all.

Haha very true, can you tell us more about this story?
I can tell you a little bit about. The fan fiction I’m currently working on is from the series Haikyuu!! It’s a side story from a previous story I wrote “Bird of Prey” in this story one of the character, Sawamura Daichi, got hit by a volleyball during a practice, the ball was thrown at him intentionally. So the story is about Sawamura and is high-school friend Sugawara getting more than just friend. Sugawara always loved Sawamura but due to his fear to lose his friend he never told him.

That’s seems interesting, but why are writing a side story about him? Did you felt bad?
Yes, I did felt bad for Daichi, that poor boy didn’t deserve that. I just wanted to give him some happy moment after what I did to him.

You seem to really care about those fictional character, is there other fiction you wrote cause you felt bad about something you did to a character?
Yes, last year I wrote a dark fan fiction, “Unrequited Love”, featuring Kuroko and Kagami from the series Kuroko no Basuke and this story doesn’t have a nice ending. In fact I even wrote a double ending cause the first one was really tragic. After writing this story, I wanted to have a nice and sweet fluffy story for Kuroko. That’s how the series “For Kuroko” came to life, even if it become more that what it was supposed to be.

What do you mean?
“For Kuroko” is a two-part story. The first part “My Love” featuring Kuroko and Aomine, was supposed to be only a chapter long, but it became 5 chapters long. Then come “New Life” featuring Kuroko and Kagami,which is my longest fan story with 20 official chapters and an extra one. It wasn’t supposed to be that long. But when I start writing, I never know what will come up from that and which turn the story will take.

You never plan in advance?
I have a general base line, a very vague idea of what I want, but I don’t write plan about how I want the story to go. I rather let my imagination flow. There is time I write and my finger I kind of moving by themselves. That’s pretty much what happen with “New Life”. I feel like if I take too many note, I will eventually lose my interested or the note will become useless.

So none of you story are plan, you just write story the way it come to you?
Exactly, but I still edit them before publishing them and I ask feedback. The only note I take are idea for future story.

And you have a lot?
Too many idea, but not enough time to write them all

I take that as a yes. That’s probably the reason why you haven’t published anything since “New Life” extra chapter.
Exactly, but I did work on a very short story. But since it’s not even 300 word, I decide to wait before publishing it.

That’s make me really curious, maybe you could show it to us now?
…. I could yes…
*looking for the story*
Oh here it is, the piece title is :

My Reflection, My Hatred

I saw it again…

I saw it again,
In her eyes,
In her face,
In her expression
I saw it again,
I saw the fear in her eyes again, I saw her expression changing when I came close to her, softly calling her.
I saw the fear, a fear not cause by me, but by my look and I hated it.
I hate that I can’t hug her like before, I hate that I can’t call her like before without seeing the fear in her eyes.

If only I could wash it away, make it disappear.
But how, I am who I am even if I hate it,
I am the son of that man, that man who created this fear in her.
I could run away, just leave everything behind.
Leave my family, my sister, by brothers, my mom, My dear loving mom.

I saw it again,
I saw the reason why I can’t hug my mom, my dear loving mom. I saw the reason why I can’t call her without seeing the fear in her eyes.
I saw it through the reflection in the mirror.
Flamy red hair, cold teal eyes,
I saw the reason of my hatred
I wanted to punch it,
Break this reflection in pieces
Reflection that is not me.

Oh that’s is interesting, what is it about?
Since I’m feeling playful, I will only tell you it’s related to a wild theory about the series My Hero Academia.
Everyone who will find the answer will get a cookie *laugh*

Everyone if you want a cookie you need to post the answer in the comment below.

Now that we throw a challenge to the readers, let’s continue the interview shall we?

You wrote a lot of story since last year, is there any you like more than the other? Could you give us your top three?
Hmm that’s a good question, my top three would be…let’s see…
“The Moon Watching Over the Sun”, “Goodbye Hinata” and the two parts of “For Kuroko”. Those three have all a little something more than the other.

And the hardest fan fiction to write?
“Unrequited Love” and “Bird of Prey” the former talk about rape, murder and suicide and the other about abusive relationship. While writing those I felt bad for the victim…

“Unrequited Love” is the story you wrote a second ending right?
Yes, in one ending the victim died and the murdered commit suicide and the second ending the victim survive and the assaulter vanish.

That’s really dark…
I know, I’m pretty sure sometimes my friend/reader are tempted to nickname me Bloodthirsty Mel and Grimreaper Mel. So far I killed 4 character and a dog

Ah Dog!!! You are really a horrible human
I needed his name

You are still a horrible human
Thank you


…. Let’s change subject…

Beside writing fan fiction, do you read any?
I did read a few yes, so far my favorite are Rules by ConesofDunshire and Focus by ezra_mikazuki, both story can be found on Archive of Our Own

We gonna leave the link, for the reader to have access them
Great!! But little warning both story are not for reader under 18 year old

Why I’m not surprise
I like spicy story

We all like spicy story …

At least I don’t kill dog
I needed his name


Now that we are about to close this interview, which advice would you like to give to future writer
Since we are all different, I will just tell you what worked for me.
I don’t take note, I just let my finger run on the keyboard until I’m block and I don’t know what to write. When that happen, I close the page and do something else, cause when I try to figure out where I want to go with my story, I get mad and depressed, instead I wait until I get inspiration again to continue the story.
I always write for myself first, if the other like what I write it’s perfect, but if they don’t like I will not stop and thinking about why they don’t like it. If I enjoy my story, that all what matter in the end.

I think this is two really good advice. Want to give the last word?
Thank you Mel you are too nice.
Gonna take this opportunity to announced a special fan fiction project, and I will need your help to do that.
The project is related to Pokemon, what I will do is, write a story base of what happened in the pokemon video game. This mean each time I play, I will write a chapter. Why I need you help is because in the pokemon game decision need to be made, like starter pokemon and fossils to pick. Poll will be posted on twitter for you to help me to take those decision.
I’m really looking forward for your participation!

Well this is all for us!

It is time for Pervy-Mel to leave us and get back to her story

~ Thank you for reading ~


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