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Welcome back to an other edition of Mel&Arthis Appreciation the Fine Men From the Anime World,

Hope you are having fun so far, cause I know we have fun!!
We are now at the 8th weeks and today we gonna share with you our favorite male with Red Hair

My pick was an easy one, I just love that guy

Kirishima Eijirou from My Hero Academia


Kirishima is the kind of guy everyone should have on their radar. He is the type of guy everyone one to have as friend. He is so precious and he need to be protected, a true cinnamon roll


A cinnamon roll that can kill you if you decide to hurt his beloved friend.

© Hirokoshi Kouhei

However behind this happy-go-lucky appearance, Kirishima hide scar left by his past, Kirishima wasn’t always that happy and laid-back. There was a time where he hated his quick, wasn’t flashy or useful as other kick.


However he manage to give the impression everything was fine. Kirishima is not the kind who will show is weakness, this is not manly after all, but he will be the first to help you in your weakest moment

Kirishima is surely too pure for this world.


Kirishima Eijirou is my pick for the Red Hair day, now let take a look at Arthis pick


Hello everyone! How are you doing? Have you been having fun so far? We continue with the hair colors and in Mel’s place as you can see it’s the red-haired ones! 😀 So, Mel went with My Hero Academia and I know that from the beginning I just lost this one xD Nevertheless, let me introduce you to my pick:

Mikoto Mikoshiba from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Mikoto MIKOSHIBA hot and cute.jpg
Image found here!

Normally guys tend to go two ways: Cute, or hot. Don’t take me wrong, both are handsome! However, normally they tend to go to one of those paths. A great example of that is our picks from last week Blue Haired hotties! Both Kuroko and Aomine are handsome but you can clearly see that Aomine is a hot guy while Kuroko is cute. Well, Mikoto is able to combine those together and be the rare thing of being cute AND hot!

Mikoto MIKOSHIBA shy.gif

He is basically one of the most handsome men in Anime. He is not even the main character of the Anime, but well, Mikoto ends up being my favorite character from there! When it comes to the physical traits he is just too damn handsome! He is cute, hot and young! Basically when it comes to physically he is just the full package. I also love his way of casual wearing and I love his red eyes! ah! And I love his red earrings… Don’t ask me why but I always loved earrings in a guy! xD

Mikoto MIKOSHIBA confident.gif

When it comes to his personality… Well, unfortunately there is not much to be said because his character is just not the main factor of the Anime. Nevertheless there is something that really comes in to the top of my head when I think about him. Some years prior to the events in the show, Mikoto wasn’t able to speak with girls. He worked really hard, when I say work is basically play dating Sims, to be able to be the person who is now. A guy who can always say what girls will completely fall for. However, it’s really cute to see him going shy after saying some bold things. This thing really resonates with me. When I was younger I was really shy and I had to work my butt off to be able to open up and be less shy. Don’t confuse shyness with introvert, they are different things and I still consider myself an introvert person. 😛

Mikoto MIKOSHIBA embarassed.gif

In conclusion, Mikoto is hot and cute! He worked really hard with himself to be able to open up and grow to be a better and more open person! That’s why I love him. But, to be honest, even he was the most bland character ever I would still have the hotties for him. He is just that kind of guy! 😀

Mikoto MIKOSHIBA funny.gif
He’s pleading for you to pick him you guys!


I heard a lot of good thing about that Mikoshiba, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win here. It’s not because I pick a character from My Hero Academia that I will necessarily win.

This was our pick for the red-hair day, don’t forget to vote before going to our pick for the purple-hair day on Arthis blog. If you can’t vote in the reader feed, visit the blog directly!

See you next time!!

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