Welcome back to a new edition of Mel is Watching, we are getting closer to the end the season for some series and it will be soon time to look at what I will watch for the Summer Season 2018.

But for now let’s give a look at what I’m watching now

  • Black Clover
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
  • Darling in the Franxx
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3
  • Persona 5, The Animation
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re

** This post contains spoilers, read at your own risk **

Black Clover
Episode 35 – The Light of Judgement

I got the splendid idea to watch this one right after watching My Hero Academia…never again.
But my brain did noticed stuff I wouldn’t probably noticed otherwise (thank to the difference in quality)
I enjoy the fight between Yami and the Light Dude (can’t remember is name, don’t wanna remember his name so for now one he will be the Light Dude) until that whole blah blah part. We are in the middle of a big fight and we get the most anti-climatic discours… that was meh, I think even Yami wasn’t impressed by that.
I have to say that I enjoy the fact that Asta is the main character but is siscon Gauche who is gifted of Fire and Ice/Water magic…
Now if only it could have ended there…but nope three new face will appear in the next episode, why do I feel like that whole arc if getting dragged. However even if the episode was just below average (thank to that fight) I always like seeing Yami acknowledging Asta abilities despite the fact he doesn’t have any magic in him.


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Episode – 22 Sakura’s Clear Card

Final episode…nothing is resolved so I guess we will eventually get an other season, I hope…i really hope, if not this will go with the rest of the worst series ending and will get store on the shelves Gangsta. end Seraph of the End are.

Darling in the Franxx
Episode 20 – A New World

YAY a real episode, no director voice actor comment, I do understand their job is important, however this could have wait the release of the homevideo version.
Now concerning this episode, I feel like some question were answered, like who is “PAPA”…from what I understand they are aliens invader and the real villain of this story at it seemed that only two remembered their propose on Earth…if we can still call it earth.
For the next few episode, I feel like it’s gonna be a death match against time to save the Earth…
For now I will root for the Princess and Zero-Two hoping for a happy end.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 48 – Symbol of Peace

I would really want to give you a clear thought of how I feel after watching this episode, between being relief the kid are safe (those kids didn’t sign-up for that shit), Best Jeanist state and All Might vs All for One fight not too sure about how I should feel.
I was excited about this episode, mainly cause of Kacchan rescue, that whole Kirishima “come” thing gave me a lot of feel when I read it, so see it now, pretty sure only whales could have understand me…. The only clear thought I can give you about this episode is the fact they used “Endeavor no Chikara” during the All Might vs All for One fight, while the song have Endeavor name in it, this is clearly All for One theme and I got some chills when I hear it.
Next episode we will learn more about the previous One for All holder and if you paid attention to her name you will realize that she have the same name of Shigaraki real name…

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
Episode 9 – Ten Second Massacre

Not gonna lie this sole episode fight was way better than all the fight we saw so far, Pito team fight vs the seven team of loser was surely interesting, in case we didn’t knew yet Pito is psycho.
LLENN have nothing to envy, while she is not as bloodthirsty, she have a good sense of strategy which will help her.
I can’t wait to see next week episode, it’s gonna be LF team vs Momento, while I’m pretty sure MMTM will lose, I’m curious to see them in action…their leader is the kind of character I tend to like.

Tokyo Ghoul: re
Episode 10 – think: Sway

Sasaki know who he is, he can’t deny it anymore and I think that not matter how much Akira try to tell him that he is not Kaneki, that he is Sasaki and that it doesn’t matter how he was, that it just make him sink a little bit more, bringing him closer to the Kaneki persona. I like Sasaki, but I much rather Kaneki. I found interesting the mention of Amon being killed on the line, since the end of the 2nd season wasn’t clear about that, him being mention now combine to that strange caped man of the last episode, makes me think both are related, if not the same person. The Dispatch of the Tsukiyama family as begun and with all the change Shirazu have gone other make me feel it’s the beginning of the end for him. If that happen I have to look for my boxes of tissue…


Last week was a good week, really good week for most of the series I am watching. We had some memorable moment, like Pito going psycho on those seven team and LLENN proving that M teacher didn’t go to waste. My only disappointment from last week was Cardcaptor, I would have like a more decent season ending, it really felt flat. Hopefully we will not have to wait twenty years before having the next arc.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

6 thoughts on “Mel is Watching | Spring 2018, Week 10

  1. I recently finished seasons 1 and 2 of Tokyo Ghoul (hope to do a review for those somewhere in the near future) and really enjoyed the series. Don’t know if the current season is as much fun as the previous installments, but am looking forward to watching it. (And hope to get back to both Darling and SOA soon as I was in the middle of both series and liked them a lot). Great line up of shows you are currently watching though 🙂

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