Hi this is day of the Sport Anime Challenge and today we will take a look at my first favorite sport anime character and/or first anime crush from a sport anime

If you read the first day, you know the first sport anime I watched is Prince of Tennis, so it’s not really a surprise that my first favorite sport anime character is from this series.

Momoshiro Takeshi


While Tezuka is now my favorite character, Momoshiro is the first character that really caught my attention with his friendliness.

Momoshiro, who everyone call Momo (-senpai for the first year), is one of the prefered senpai of the team club, while everyone respect Tezuka as captain, all the first year will agree, Momoshiro is really the easiest regular to get along with. He really have that friendly personally who attract the younger member. He also care about them, like a big brother would, this is one of the reason why he is so close to them and why all the first year were worrying about him when he stopped attending the club activities for a few days after losing his title of Regular.

He is one of the great character the Prince of Tennis series have to offer, his easy-going personality make him likable and he can teach us one or two thing about learning from our weakness.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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