Hi Everyone!!
Welcome back to the Sport Anime Challenge with Mel!

Yesterday I shared with you my favorite sport anime series, today, for the fourth day of this challenge, I will share with you my favorite character (read crush here), even if I’m positive you already know the answer, but I don’t care it’s just one more occasion for me to reiterate my love for that idiot.

Aomine Daiki

(Kuroko no Basuke)


Shocking right…

When Aomine was first introduced, I wasn’t sure if I would like him, he was a jerk to Kuroko and co. I wished more than once that he would trip over his own feet and break some teeth in the same times. But it didn’t happen and by the time the series ended I had sold by soul to that idiot.

Aomine is one of those misunderstood character, I probably already said it, but I don’t tend to analyse anime character, however I did it with Aomine and I realize the reason why he became the way he was it’s because of his surrounding and lack of guidance. Aomine was a young talented (still talented) middle-schooler who loved basketball above anything else. He only cared about that (that and large breast idol) and he always wanted to play against strong opponent. He soon became the best above everyone else and became bored. He start skipping practice and instead of kicking his butt and bring him back to the club the management team of the club (not talking about Momoi here) just let him do whatever he want.
Of course if you let a teenage doing whatever he want instead of correcting the bad behavior it will not help later and it will can just worst if the high school where he decide to go just let him do his thing as long as he show up for important game.

Aomine was a jerk and he still probably his, but he knew what he was doing wrong, he knew understood the reason why he became like that and he is willing to work and become a get better. It take a lot of courage to admit our fault and I admire Aomine for having the courage to realize where he was wrong.

It’s not a big surprise to see my favorite sport anime character his Aomine, he is my blog and twitter display image after all.

Who is you favorite sport anime character? Let me know in the comment section below

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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