Hi everyone!! Today for day 6, I will share will who my favorite female character from a sport anime.

I have to say this one wasn’t easy to choose, series I watched so far doesn’t have a lot of female character that we can learn to appreciate. After writing down the few I really like, I decide to go with the cutest of them all

Sakuno Ryuzaki

(Prince of Tennis)

Sakuno is a middle-school first year attending Seigaku, part of the girl tennis club, her grand-mother is coaching the boy tennis club. From all the female character that I learn to appreciate despite the fact we didn’t see them much on-screen, Sakuno is the one I prefer. She is just too sweet for this world, very supportive of Echizen even if the latter doesn’t see her effort. She tried to attend all the game and even help during the training camp.
She might not be a manager, but she could easily become one.

Sakuno is one of the cutest female from a sport anime, so sweet and a little be clumsy.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

7 thoughts on “Sport Anime Challenge | Day 6 – Favorite Sport Anime Female Character

  1. I’m glad to see a Sakuno fan considering a lot of people hate her… mostly because they see her as a threat to their male x male OTP. But I like her, and some the hints the author placed in the supplemental materials and sequels about her and Ryoma.

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    1. Ooh I would love to see Ryoma x Sakuma become a real thing, that girl is so sweet.
      People who hate her just cause she get in the way of their BL OTP are just dumb… if anything Echizen can be pairing with is Tennis…

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      1. From the way the manga is written, I believe he was originally going to pair them, but when the BL fangirls came along, he downplayed it. In some of the extras, though, I think he still sneaks in his original pairing. The Perfect Edition’s color extras cements it for me that they’ll end up together.

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      2. I’m a BL fangirl, but I will never much an author/mangaka to change their idea cause of what I like…anyway I have to see if I can find The Perfect Edition’s color extra cause you makes me really curious

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      3. I believe it’s Season 3 Volume 12 for the color insert hint. You can also look up spoilers for one of the Pair Puri and New Prince of Tennis for some additional shipteasing.

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