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It’s Friday and it is now time to look at some hot men from this anime world.

Today on my blog Arthis and me will share with you our favorite Swordsmen

Ichinose Guren

I really have a love/hate relationship with that guy, I know what he want to achieve, I understand why he want to do it, but even after more than 60 chapters, I can’t clearly understand how he think.

Guren is a very skilled swordsman, plus he is quite strong when come to spellcraft, his clan is specialize in a fighting style combining sword and magic. When it come to fighting with a sword the Ichinose are on part with the Hiiragi and Guren is the most powerful of the Ichinose.

Guren is probably one of the most interesting character of the series, even if he is not my favorite, unlike most people of the important family under the Hiiragi, Guren didn’t have it easy. Long time ago, the Ichinose was a high-ranked family, same level as the Hiiragi, but due to some event the Ichinose clan fell in disgrace and it now the lowest clan. Because of his family rank, Guren got bullied by all the higher ranked clan when he enter in high-school, First Shibuya , high-school control by the Hiiragi. This animosity between the Ichinose and the Hiiragi cause a lot of other trouble to Guren. In his childhood, he got separated from his first love, Mahiru Hiiragi and got beaten after that.

Guren felt powerless, he knew he couldn’t anything the way he was, that’s why it was so easy for Noya, a demon to take control of him soon as he touch the cursed gear for the first time. Demon feed on that hunger for power and Guren gave him that. But it wasn’t enough to save his father, Sakae Ichinose, from being executed by the Hiiragi when Guren failed to kill Mahiru after the betrayal of the latter.

In the series and manga, Guren can appear cold-blooded most of the time, but he is not that bad, he care more than he pretend about his squad, his friend, that’s why he revive them and kill a large part of the Earth population, he wanted to see them smile again. He knew he was selfish, but now he will do anything to bring back to live the people who were killed during the catastrophe. However it didn’t always been his goal, at first he only wanted to be able to overthrow the Hiiragi and abolish the ranking family system.

This was my choice for day 23, now let’s take a look at Arthis pick!


Hello everyone! Arthis here! Really nice pick Mel! I went the easy way this time, to be honest! But, the thing is! He just HAD to appear in this challenge sooner or later! My pick for this week is:

Kirito from Sword Art Online

kirito cute.gif

So, when it comes to appearances, Kirito is just the cutest thing! Black hair in Anime guys is not really my thing, but I’ll make an exception, just for Kirito! Proportions wise he is really slim, but at the same time he has some muscle attached to his bones! Basically the thing I like the most in guys! Thin, but with muscles! 😀

He also has a really nice and cute smile and I LOVE his embarrassed face! Basically Kirito is just a handsome guy and really pleasant to the eye!

kirito handsome.gif

When it comes to his personality, well, I know that most people didn’t like this part of the Anime, but I really think he is a great dad! I’m sorry, but for someone with that kind of age to adopt a child (even if it is a NPC from a game) and actually raise her well, with a lot of love… It just makes him win a lot of points in my eyes.

I didn’t really liked how he started the game. I mean, it was intelligent, but a little bit of a d*ck move… Nevertheless, with time you can actually see how sweet of a guy he is! Even though he starts with a point of view like “me before others” you can actually see that he puts others above himself pretty easily and naturally. A trait that I just love, not only guys, but in girls too!

kirito fight.gif

However, although this sweet guys he also becomes really cool and strong when the time is needed. Another thing I like, strong people who know to fight and do everything in their pocession (without hurting others) to reach their goals!

So, yeah, Kirito had to be in this challenge and I think the swordsmen day would be the best fit for it! 😀

kirito serious.gif


Of course Kirito had to appear sooner or later and sword day is definitely the best day for him

Here are our pick who are yours!! Let us now in the comment section below and don’t forget to vote before visiting Arthifis’ Place for the best gun-wielding anime male character

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  1. I’m pretty sure everyone already knows I love Kirito. So while Guren is pretty awesome, he hasn’t swayed my affection for the Black Swordsman in the least.


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