Hi everyone!!
Hope you are all doing good in this Friday the weekend gonna start for a lot of you soon!!
We are now eleven days into the Sport Anime Challenge and today I will share with you my favorite OTP, those who know me will not be surprise by my choice since I always go for that one even when it’s not related to sport anime.

Midorima Shintarou x Takao Kazunari

I love their chemistry, Takao might never lose an occasion to make fun of Midorima and Midorima might always look annoyed by Takao trolling him, but in fact the tall greenie really like having Takao around even more on the court. If Kuroko is Kagami shadow, Takao is Midorima shadow. On the court both make an amazing duo, Takao his the one who make Midorima play in team and not keep the ball for himself, Takao teach him that it’s okay to rely on the other sometimes that he doesn’t have to make all the work.

Takao is what Midorima needed to become a team player and the way they are interacting just make thing easier to see them together. They are my favorite pairing when it come to doujinshi, you can find my favorite here and I also wrote a fanfic (a 18+ one tho)

I could have gone with a lot of other pairing, if there is something sport anime doesn’t lack is the BL pairing possibilities

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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