Hi everyone!!
Hope you are all going good in this Sunday,last day on the weekend (you can hate me for reminding you that)
Today for the sport anime challenge, I will share with you my favorite character that is not a first string, in other word a character that is not one the team member that start the game, most of the time those character can also be seen as bench warmer

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Unlike his childhood friend, Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi is not part of Karasuno main line-up, however he is still a player the rival team need to be wary of.
Yamaguchi his not tall like Tsukishima or have Hinata energy, but he still decide to learn a new technique to help his team to get better. He didn’t have to but he did and he was proud ( I was too) when he succeed to get point with that special serve.

From all the Haikyuu!! characters, he is one that I loved seeing growing up as a player, getting assurance and the acknowledgement of his team member.

Now your turn to tell me which character that is not first string you really like.

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 

4 thoughts on “Sport Anime Challenge | Day 13 – Favorite Character That Is Not a First String

  1. Yamaguchi was awesome. He accepted that he wasn’t the best but didn’t use that as an excuse not to keep working. He found something he could contribute and he worked hard for it.

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